Youtube Kids is the Preschooler Version of Youtube, Ads and All

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If you are by any chance still of the notion that children can only play games and get spoilt in the company of the internet then it is high time you started changing your notion. Now You Tube has brought forward a new version of it known as You Tube kids which has been launched in order to provide educational shows to the kids all around the world. Not only that, it will contain videos that are specifically meant for the children. You Tube has designed this version as such that no matter what age your child belongs to, he or she will definitely enjoy getting hold of all the shows that are being uploaded, and that means your child will learn a lot of things at a go.

How is it beneficial?

Many mothers face the problem that their kids cannot memorise things like rhymes and stories properly when it is being read out to them. But as we all know, video learning works better than the audio ones and so when your child listens to the same ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ and notices the gestures as well then he can easily relate the rhymes to the gestures and memorise it in a jiffy.

Apart from that, if your kid is an innovative one, then indulge in his innovative nature by showing him the scientific experiments meant for kids and thereby gift him a broad reasoning power. Seeing these videos will indeed make him crave for more and give him the aspiration that he just needs to aim high. We all know that a child grows up to be dull brained or a genius depending on the type of foundation that he or she gets from the beginning. A strong foundation ensures a bright future of the individual and this is just the thing YouTube Kids actually does. If you want you can get to have the You Tube kids application too if you do not want to open it from a browser now and then. The application is pretty fast and easy to manage and it can be installed in all kinds of kid’ tablets that you get to see nowadays.

The navigation system of You Tube kids has been designed as such that even kids can handle it without any help. So now when he gets stuck in doing his homework, he can solve his problem by himself by searching for the same in You tube. The clients are very satisfied with this declaration and this has gained a lot of positive responses as well. Another good thing about you tube kids is that it does not say no to any subject and it has videos of all sorts so even if you do not find the one you are exactly searching for you are sure to get the related videos. So if you want your child to start learning right away, then it is high time that you installed this new version of You Tube.

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