CoWriter:Kids Learn To Write By Teaching Robots

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Researchers have come up with a bright idea and developed a learning system which can help the children learning to write while using a robot. Some of the children have difficulties and take considerable time in acquiring the basic writing skills. This results in accumulating the feelings of shame, inferiority and cause a wide amount of anxiety. Educators often find it difficult to reach to these children in order to maintain their pace against ever moving classroom.

A Humanoid Robot To Assist Kids In Learning To Write

The researchers at EPFL in Switzerland have brought a new concept of learning while teaching through its new CoWriter project. CoWriter employs a humanoid robot and uses tablet computer to help the grade-school students in learning to write. Interestingly children are required to teach the robots without their knowledge that they are learning in return. These robots are quite intelligent in itself and have been programmed with one-of-a-kind progressive writing algorithms which essentially mimics the human learning. The robots rely on vast database of handwriting samples which help them in performing the same common error for the children in a particular learning range.

The Benefit Of Utilizing The CoWriter

CoWriter is essentially a robot learning system which is designed to help the kids in improving their handwriting skills through a robot. This innovative technology works in two ways wherein even the children can teach the robots in writing letters which allows them to learn as well. In the beginning it might seem odd and quite farfetched but teaching a robot rather than getting direct formal instruction from the teacher is a better alternative for the young kids.

Most of the children have tough time in mastering the writing techniques associated with each and every letter. Like some kids having problems with writing letter R often finds themselves singles out which affects them negatively and lower their self esteem. Repeated failure in writing might even cause certain behavioral problems and changes in the children

CoWriter is there to put the children out of their misery and provide a creative, interactive and aesthetic environment of educating themselves. Children will be directly in charge of their education through CoWriter. If a child have problem with writing letter P same will illustrated by the robot as well. This thing can easily overcome when child takes upon itself to correct the mistake made by the robot. In this simple manner both will benefit and educate each other.

The Future Prospect Of CoWriter Program

The CoWriter pilot program has been put under the first phase upon the children between the age group of six to eight years old in primary schools. The students are provided with an exclusive weekly one-hour teaching sessions with the humanoid robots. This project is aimed at provided an option for both the educators and the parents to opt for the learning by teaching model in which kids and robots will work towards gradually improving each other writing skills in an interactive manner.

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