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How to Produce Photos that Grab Attention on Social Media

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Written by prodigitalweb

Do you want your photos to grab attention of viewers on social media – and really draw them into its composition? That is easier said than done, especially considering the fact that you’re up against a lot of competition.

That is why if you want to produce photos that grab attention you need to go about it the right way.

Find a Strong Focal Point

If you want your photo to grab the attention of viewers, it must have a strong focal point. To find one you should take in the subject or scene that you’re planning on shooting, and identify a specific point of interest that you feel can be set apart from the rest.

The focal point that you choose could be anything from a landmark to a person, vehicle, or interesting architecture. Ideally it should contrast against the rest of the scene.

Keep in mind that there are many different types of contrast that can set a focal point apart. While color is often a big factor – size, shape, and other types of contrast can play a role as well.

Strengthen the Focal Point

Once you’ve identified a focal point – you should try to strengthen it in your composition. That can be done using a variety of different techniques:

  • Rule of thirds is one of the easiest options to come up with a balanced composition. By aligning the focal point off-center and at one of the intersection points, it will provide it with a more prominent position relative to the other elements.
  • Leading lines can be used to ‘guide’ viewers through the composition and to the focal point. It could encompass any type of leading lines in your photos from rivers to roads, cracks in the tiles, or even furrows on the ground.
  • Frames can help to set the focal point apart further as well. Aside from obvious frames such as windows, arches and doorways there are lots of natural frames such as trees, boulders, or even blades of grass.
  • Blurred backgrounds is a fairly common way to ensure that the focus is firmly on the focal point and not on any other element in the background. It can be created using a wide aperture and shallow depth of field setting on your camera, or during post-production.

In some cases you may even want to use a combination of these techniques to strengthen the focal point in your composition.


If you want your social media photos to really stand out, you should try using Movavi Photo Editor. It can be used as a photo cutter to crop your photos and improve their composition. On top of that its other features will let you enhance the photo quality, fix issues, apply filters, remove unwanted elements, and more.

By finding a strong focal point and then strengthening it further, you’ll set your photo up to really draw attention to itself. It will take some practice however – so be prepared to pull out your camera and start experimenting.

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