How to Use Laser Projection Keyboard

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Laser Projection Keyboard – Computer Input Device

Tech gadgets could add a lot of advantage to the daily functions making life much easier and comfortable. A wide variety of options are available which can help in customizing and modifying the workplace and thus adds to the productivity of work. Some latest entries in the form of projection keyboard can make multi task and access to devices, very simple.


The laser projection keyboard a pocket sized device can be connected with Bluetooth to project fixed keyboard pattern on any surface which can turn any flat space into a workplace and the motion sense lasers could double like a mouse detecting hand movements as one click, double clicks or scrolls. It is a gadget for the future, a virtual laser keyboard which is small sleek, weighing around two ounces and comparable in size to a pack of gum which can be fitted easily in pockets or carry bags.

A Projection keyboard is a kind of computer input device wherein the image of virtual keyboard is anticipated on a surface wherever the user touches the surface covered by image of key and the device tends to record the matching keystroke. A beamer or laser projects practical keyboard on the level surface and a sensor or a camera in the projector records the finger movement.

Software Converts Coordinates

The software converts the coordinates in identifying the characters and the actions. Some devices tend to project a second beam above the virtual keyboard and the user’s finger could make keystroke on the virtual keyboard which breaks the infrared beam reflecting light back to the projector.


This reflected beam then passes through an infrared filter to the camera which photographs the angle of incoming infrared light wherein the sensor chip defines where infrared beam was broken. The action or character to be generated is determined by the software. The projection is comprehended in four main phases and through three modules namely projection module, sensor module and illumination module.

The main technologies and devices which used to project image were diffractive optical element, red laser diode, CMOS sensor chip as well as infrared laser diode – IR. The projection keyboards tend to connect to the computer through Bluetooth or the USB where the Bluetooth dongle technology permits the projection keyboard to point to multi-point connectivity with the other Bluetooth devices like the mobile phone, PC, and PDAs and the mode the Bluetooth projection keyboard connects to device is based on the specific computer, phone or tablet.

Laser_Projection_KeyboardIdentifies 400 Characters/Minute

Connection with the USB keyboard and the device takes place through the USB port that is available on every computer (through an adapter) and other devices. Several of the projection keyboards tend to use a red diode laser as a light source and project a full size Qwerty keyboard.

The projected keyboard size is normally 295 mm x 95 mm, projected at a distance of 60 mm from the virtual keyboard component. The projection tends to identify up to 400 characters per minute and the keyboard unit can work on lithium-ion batteries offering around 120 minutes of continuous editing and the unit sizes differ though normally it is not bigger than 35 mm x 92 mm x 25 mm.

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