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iLuv Syren Pro: Impressive Portable, Weather Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

The iLuv Syren Pro was first showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. It generated a lot of enthusiasm and craziness among the users who were looking for portable Bluetooth speakers for a really long time.

The tower shaped speakers comes in two distinct colors black and white offering stereo playback with a relatively simple setup process.

Designed To Last Longer

iLuv Syren Pro design is impressive in many ways. A simple and compact design is followed to pair the two units together. It looks like tapered tower and posses an open mouth at the bottom for letting out the low-end bass musical notes.

It might appear to be quite heavy by its structure and size yet it is extremely light weight. Most of the body is made up of plastic with rubber accents and it provides a better grip on the speaker. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker yet it will be cumbersome to carry it outside.

It cannot fit into the pocket or in the backpack which is a downside. The top side of the Syren Pro possesses three speakers which let out soothing music in awesome quality.

Features Of The iLuv Syren Pro Portable Bluetooth Speakers

This Bluetooth speakers score high on the portable end with providing one of a kind influential feature of being water resistant. It also has a UV coating which helps it in protecting from the sun damage.

Water resistant is highly beneficial as it can save the speaker from any accidental damage from water. While UV coating saves the product from sunlight damage which brings the ugly weathered look. This simply translates that even if you forget the speakers outside it will remain safe from water, dust and weather.

The iLuv Syren Pro offers a commendable Bluetooth range which maintains a strong connection up to 34 feet. The connected has to be placed within the line of sight of the speakers other distortion will occur.

iLuv Syren Pro is powered by battery which takes just around 4 hours get fully charged. With a full charge it offers the standard play time of more than 10-12 hours.

Impressive And Admiring Sound Quality

iLuv Syren Pro audio performance is at par find itself lagging when compared with the stationary Bluetooth or stereo speakers. It provides dynamic range in the audio quality where bass is given more emphasis and lows of musical note are more enhanced.

Sound quality shows bits of distortion and breaking when played at the fullest level both in the house condition and outside conditions. However playing different kind of music ranging from the country, pop, R&B and heavy metal at normal sound setting shows no distortion and provides soothing music.

Right Choice For Avid Music Lovers

The iLuv Syren Pro comes at a price of just $130 which is an optimum price for such a robust Bluetooth speaker. It is made up of plastic which makes it lightweight and highly durable.

The Bluetooth connectivity is relatively stronger than other products and audio output is of high quality. It is right choice of speakers for both outdoor and indoor use its water resistant feature.


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