In The Future, You Could Control Your Shoes’ Color with Shift Sneaker

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We had already come across a wide number of inspirational products running on crazy idea on Kickstarter. But here is a mind blowing innovative which will be too good to believe in the first read. A new age company has announced an astonishing product in form of sneaker, which can change its color with the help of a Smartphone.

If you have this sneaker colors can be changed very quickly and easily in order to fit any dress or occasion. This does seem to be unique and promising product we have ever heard of in the long time.

Color changing sneaker named “Shift Sneaker”

+rehabstudio is widely known for making innovative marketing campaigns for extraordinary and astonished products and concepts. Recently it has unveiled another remarkable concept for a shoe which can easily shift colors on demand namely Shift Sneaker.

The ‘ Shift Sneaker ’ as called by +rehabstudio are comprised of unique material which possesses the property to communicate with the smartphones and change colors as per the direction of the users.

What can you do with ‘ Shift Sneaker ’?

Mike Veitch, Managing partner at +rehabstudio has stated that Shift Sneaker opens new world of possibilities wherein existing materials can be used to develop products possessing qualities. If you are wondering how this sneaker will be helpful to you then check out +rehabstudio websites and browse through the list of interesting ideas. Users can take a selfie in order to swap the colors of the shoe matching with their clothing.

A running pack present in shoe will make it glow in different colors depending upon user’s pace. While a cycling packs aims to keep rider safe by glowing in different colors.

Color changing sneaker might not even commercialize

Shift Sneaker is strictly a theoretical concept at the moment won’t be available for the consumers for quite some time. The phase change fibers and meta-materials, which are required to manufacture this shoe, are not available for the consumer at the time being.

Mr Veitch had advised the fans of this new high tech shoe not to get too much excited over this color changing shoe as it won’t be hitting stores for a considerable time.

Future prospects of high tech shoes

Once the materials become available these high end tech based shoes will cost just as much as the regular shoe. Mobile application will be boosted with more range of color packs to choose from for changing the sneaker colors on the go.

The closer match people can find at the moment is the chameleonic appeal used in the Apple Watch and Android Wear smartwatches. The DressWatch is another example which allows the users to take a snap of their clothes and it changes the smartwatch’s face to match with the user’s color palette.

There is also a highly likeability of smart adaptive surface coming up in near future, Even +rehabstudio is working on a project which can make the smart storefront a reality wherein users will get a much personalized experience when walk past a shop window.


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