Google’s ‘ Black Mirror ‘ Patent Could Let Us Record and Replay Our Memories

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Google’s Black Mirror Patent: Method & Apparatus for Searchable History…

Google has obtained the approval for Black Mirror patent described as a `method and apparatus for enabling searchable history of real world user experiences’ and now has exclusive rights to technology which would record our memories into videos which could be relived over and over again. As per Sources, the technology would be introduced in a wearable device similar to Google Glass.

This would enable us to search through a video database of our live which has been recorded through Google Glass or a future wearable technology. In other words, Google would be creating a way of recording what we see, similar to the episode of Black Mirror wherein everyone can play back their memories.

Though it may sound weird, the method behind Black Mirror all is simple just the same way the Google Glass tends to record the world around from our viewpoint. The patent would permit a more advanced version of the technology in order to record large areas of our lives and the video would then be sent to the smartphone to be uploaded to the cloud, after which on using voice control to search back through the library, one would be able to recall past memories.

Recording Footage-Ultra Small Optics-Storage Device

Though the principle system behind this is technically possible, its limitation factor is the way in which one would record the memories. Google Glass had come under strong criticism due to the camera which, with little indication could record small extracts of what was going around it.

Google now in the development stage is attempting to find a way in which it could turn the Smartglasses into a product which is as forward thinking as it is properly trustworthy. Recording footage would need ultra-small optics together with storage device which would be both big enough as well as portable to include an entire day’s worth of recordings.

Moreover, there would always be the possibility of streaming it directly to Google’s cloud servers where it could be saved. The product Black Mirror, though presently does not seem to exist, would be recording user’s experience and store them in an online library.

According to Slate reports, a user’s entire day can be recorded in a single video and the recording could probably be uploaded to Google’s cloud servers directly, enabling users to access their memories with voice command like `How many books did I read in May?’ or `Who were the people at the business lunch this afternoon?’

Share Recorded Experiences

Users could also have the option in sharing their recorded experiences with their contacts enabling multiple persons to view the same memory from various perspectives.

These types of videos could be called with voice command like `Where were my friends last night?’ Besides this, a separate screen would also be essential to watch all the recordings. Several of the people have been referring to Google’s move as the `Black Mirror’ patent with reference to the TV show that took place in a world where people were physically unable to forget things since a device which records and replay memories had been implanted in their brains. Probably Google is paying heed to the underlying message of the British show – Such technology would soon turn individuals into thorough psychopaths.


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