Microsoft Anchors Minecraft Strategy to Education

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Microsoft researchers are finding creative and unique ways to assist teachers who are teaching their pupils with the help of Minecraft, a sandbox construction game. In the last week of June, company has launched Minecraft in Education initiative with an aim to turn pioneers into pillars. In September 2014, Microsoft purchased Mojang in US $2.5 billion and after that many people were thinking that Minecraft is at its peak.

Microsoft Anchors Minecraft Strategy to Education

Minecraft as a game or platform:

With the strategy of Minecraft in Education, now it’s clear that Microsoft still has some novel and creative plans for its traditional games. However; in the process to empower educators and inspire students, Microsoft and Mojang both have seen same potential in game.

According to Deirdre Quarnstrom, Director of Minecraft in Education programs “Minecraft is killer app for Microsoft’s HoloLens, which is augmented reality goggles of company”. The more he added that “Our main aim with Minecraft in Education is to enhance the positive experience of users with Minecraft, while providing new way to educators, so that they can find new ways to teach their pupils in creative and unique way.

According to Quarnstrom, “After the acquisition of Mojang, we have spent out time with educators and students both who are using Minecraft in Education and at this point of time we are working closely with TeacherGaming and other organizations to explore upcoming future opportunities”.

The more he added that our most popular game Minecraft is composed of sandbox mode which overshadow survival template and make it ideal for teaching different subjects such as science, geography, mathematics, technology, reading, history, writing, engineering, arts, creative thinking and more in different language.

Minecraft is boosting morale:

These days video game industry is taking a lot of heat especially then when anything bad happens in industry and it has connection with gaming industry without proof of causality. According to Mario R. Kroll, Principal at ÜberStrategist, “It’s clear that Minecraft in Education initiative helping more than harms.

The more he added that as a teaching tool Minecraft is encouraging creativity and collaboration between teachers and pupils and as well as they are helping students to refine their skills and learn. It is expected that Minecraft in Education initiative will help those innovators and educators who don’t have Internet access of computer hardware in home.

Now Microsoft is planning to change the way of education from traditional theoretical learning to practical teaching. Most of the young and old players have turned off their survival mode and now they are not competing not trying to be some sort of king in any game.

However; still it’s true that core audience for Minecraft is traditional hardcore gamers, who are not diverting towards digital to get fully connected with social medi and rest of the world. According to Kroll, “Minecraft is providing idyllic sandbox to showcase the individual and group skills and creativity”. The more he added that now it’s easy for individuals (students, teachers and collaborators) to succeed and showcase their efforts and in this process no one will lose anything.


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