Mobility and Communication: 3 Ways to Keep Your Staff Stocked with the Best Tools for Productivity

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With all of the technological advancements we’ve made in the 21st century, it’s now possible to really get creative and come up with new communication solutions with the aim of getting your employees more productive, all while making it a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved. Today, we’re going to present 3 great ideas on how to address this, and explain their unique benefits.

The benefits of working remotely

Every employee is a unique individual, there’s no going around it. Understanding this allows you to see that some are better suited for doing office work, while others tend to be more independent and prefer to make their own schedule, thus making them more adapted to working remotely.

How does this tie to communication and productivity tools? It’s quite simple: if you’ve assigned some tasks to remote workers, you’re going to need a way to make sure that they’re doing their part of the deal, and – most importantly – doing it on time and seeing to it that all of the deadlines are met. These tools will allow you to go beyond exchanging emails, a method that still works, but is gradually becoming outdated.

While the option of doing remote work may not be suitable for every company out there because of different needs of each industry, it’s good to offer it to those who prefer working this way.

Company to-do lists offer a great insight into what needs to be done

Certain companies are already taking advantage of self-hosted to-do lists and productivity solutions such as Asana and other alternatives. The benefit of them is that you can connect other third-party notification systems to it, ensuring that everyone is always kept in the loop, but that is far from all the benefits they offer.

In fact, most of them allow for seamless communication with the team, all while displaying every team member’s tasks and responsibilities in a way that everyone can see the most urgent tasks. Most of them even have a custom company schedule that servers as a nice overview of what’s going on and what still needs to be addressed.

Revamp your communication channels

The way you communicate in your company is closely related to how productive everyone ends up being. Don’t just be another one of these companies with mandatory and boring meetings. Why not spice things up with new and innovative communication channels?

For example, you could have a huge projector and display the main company chat on the biggest wall (ideally, this should be an area that everyone around you will see). This way, you will be able to delegate tasks in a much friendlier and relaxed fashion, and by using an SMS API such as the one you can access at , you can set it so that every time a certain username is mentioned in the chat, that user will also receive an SMS notification with a reminder to check out the company chat, or even a complete excerpt of that message.


Employee satisfaction is tightly linked with being able to achieve a better productivity, and thus, a better bottom line. Have you already checked out the best tools for this purpose and taken note of what they can offer you?

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