Motorola’s New Moto E is Bigger, Faster and has 4G LTE for $150

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The new set of Motorola, Moto E has been officially launched few days before. And after the success of the original one, many of the individuals are now waiting to know what the 2nd generation model can offer them. With display screen of 4.5″ and a weight of 145 gms the phone offers a lot of things at lowest possible price.

Moto E with latest Android version and reasonable price

This new generation of Motorola Moto E is the most affordable one with price of about $150. The model includes a quad core CPU along with an IPS display, 4G LTE model and also top voice quality. One of the greatest features of this Moto E (Generation 2) is the Android 5.0 Lollipop. Moto E is the foremost handset from the brand of Motorola that runs with the latest version of Android.

The Moto E model is the unlocked GSM handset, which can work on any of the GSM carriers. The price tag, that is, $149.99 is the complete retail price without any monthly contract and payments. It can be brought directly from Motorola’s own website.

As all the current Moto branded mobiles, Moto E can fit properly in one’s hand. The back portion has a curved and distinctive design. Though it is cheap, it does not appear bad particularly when lifted with $20 package of Moto’s color bands along with the $20 snap-on decorated covers. The E is obtainable in dim white and cloudy black, and so the users can buy it as per their choices. It is blatantly plastic and somewhat less stylish than Moto X or Moto G. The ring near the side portion is detachable and also swappable with aforesaid color bands, while the microSD as well as micro SIM card remains beneath the snap-on ring. Mono earpiece of the model is just on top of the screen and there are 2 mics for improved friendly quality of audio. The mobile has the standard stereo audio jack of about 3.5mm, one micro USB port sited at the base and a suitable light sensor, which may be little bit reactive. In addition to this there is an accelerometer that functions with a separation of Moto actions such as quiet time, or snapping the wrist twice to open its camera.

Camera, storage capacity and other features

The back camera of the model is has 5-megapixel shooter, although it offer the feature of autofocus. On the other hand, the front portion has added VGA-resolution camera. The in-built storage capacity of the model is 8 GB and it supports flexible storage by means of microSD card (maximum 32GB).

Among the remaining features of new Moto E, there are Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth 4.0LE, GLONASS, Micro-USB connectivity choices and obviously FM Radio. Another notable development is seen in its battery, the new model has a larger size 2390mAh battery on contrary to 1980mAh battery, available on the 1st generation.

Finally, it can be concluded that this latest model of Moto E is, indeed, solidly built to make it suitable to all mobile users.


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