Panasonic’s Transparent Display is Hard for Your Eyes to Believe


Each year certain segment of tech products becomes the highlight of the CES and tends to amaze the audience with incredible performance. CES 2016 is now looking at the unprecedented rise of the display screens this year. Transparent displays are making waves at CES with LG and Panasonic both turning heads with incredible display.

LG has showcased its 18 inch display which can be easily rolled up as a paper and it can be easily held in the hand. On other hand, Panasonic comes with a relatively new and highly innovative display, which can be attached to the shelves of various home décor items.

Transparent Display _1

Panasonic transparent display can bring a new trend

In the demo piece of the product, Panasonic has craftily attached the display in the home décor equipment. This display has been placed beneath the glass pumped with a unique technology, which brings an awe aspiring viewing experience. This display is made up of micro LEDs, which beam the picture onto the glass panel, and this glass panel happens to completely transparent. On a single glance it will appear as a tinted glass that is seen in living room home décor equipments. Panasonic had simply placed its display in front of a shelf and I went on to show a wide range of videos, artwork and music at CES. The images and videos displayed on the glass is crisp, vibrant and tends to showcase the natural colors in a dignified manner.


Limitation of current transparent technology

Panasonic transparent display is unique and quite amazing but it doesn’t have certain limitations. This Transparent Display can bring out the maximum display of 1080 resolution and the transparency level of the screen when pictures are turned off is not up to the satisfaction of Panasonic developers.

However, this transparent display will help in enhancing the way of home life in upcoming years. Users will be able to catch some notification in the morning relating to weather, news and others right on the screen. Panasonic has even placed a simple but quite crazy music app, which almost looks like to Apple Cover Flow.

This isn’t first time Panasonic showed transparent display

Last year also Panasonic showcased transparent displays at the CES. The aim of those Transparent Displays was simply to allow advertisement of the products on the walls and other areas of the shops and stores. Even another company named ZUK came with a unique smartphone which features a transparent display in August 2015.

However at this CES Panasonic gets a competition from LG which showed off its won OLED display which can easily be rolled up just like a newspaper. After the subsequent rise of the curved technology in the last few years it was believed that new sensible step for the companies will be come up with a transparent and rollable display technology. CES 2016 can be marked as a year where rollable and transparent display technology showcased their might and established a firm foot in a new segment of display.


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