Plan for Futuristic Googleplex Raises Hopes, Fears

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The Silicon Valley is known to house the world’s most successful and inspirational tech companies. In the recent years most the tech giants had found that there office campus is too small and outdated. After Facebook and Apple, Google has embarked on the journey to build a stunning and innovative campus for itself. Google has unveiled that it is planning to build a new adaptive building style which will help it to expand its capacity over the time. This new ambitious architecture nicknamed Googleplex is designed by Bjarke Ingels which proclaims to put the Google employees in a unique glass and canopy-like wide sprawling campus.

Googleplex to Be Built At New Location

Google is planning to build the new office complex called Googleplex in the newly acquired vast area of land alongside its headquarters. The site sprawls across 500 acres and is located between the busy highway 101 and the San Francisco Bay.

Googleplex infrastructure plan focuses on using a series of soaring, modular tent-like structures forming a canopy of translucent glasses rather than the traditional solid buildings. Furthermore beneath each of the glass canopy structure there will be extremely lightweight modular building which can be rearranged and regrouped as per the need. Google will be using small cranes and robots to reconfigure its corporate building by just simply moving around the floors, walls and ceiling. This whole activity can be performed within a few hours itself.

Apart from the canopy like structures there will be tree-studded walking and bike paths intertwined across the whole campus which is to be linked with the shops and restaurants. Nature will feature quite prominently in the design wherein the meadows and creeks will be used to link the campus to the neighboring beautiful San Francisco Bay.

Google Isn’t the First to Invest in Large Office Campuses

Some other tech giants like Facebook and Apple have also invested in new large sprawling utopian kind of structures and areas for building coming-of-the-age infrastructure. Facebook is building a new 4300,000 square foot building in the Menlo Park which has been designed by a famous Canadian architect. This iconic building is expected to sport a green roof filled with astonishingly more than 350 trees. Apple is planning and building a sensational spaceship like campus in Cupertino which is expected to be complete by 2016.

Giant Plans Fails To Please Everyone

But everyone doesn’t seem to be happy about the expansion by the tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Small business such restraints and medium level supplier of essential commodities are expected to take hit. These sprawling campuses will be equipped with all the facilities and diners inside which will have a detrimental effect upon the local business. Google has revealed that investing in such a large area will give it the capability of hiring up to 12,500 workers. Hiring locals will act as a boon for the Bay Area economy in every respect.

Few of the local residents have even complained to the steeping rise in the real estate price due to expansion made by the tech giants. Tech giants are accused of being driving the real price hay wire and in effect making its extremely unaffordable for the local communities.

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