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Pokemon Go
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Dissatisfaction stricken players of Pokemon Go

Disappointment has struck the hearts of the players of Pokemon Go since developer Niantic introduced striking changes to the Pokemon-tracking feature of the app. From Third party websites like Pokevision, the firm has split which let the players view where in the amplified reality game the characters were exactly located. A tracking functionality proposed to come to aid for players to discover the vibrant characters was also reduced in its functionality. Many fans of the game have been criticizing these changed.


Ambiguous Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go players were able to view a jist of characters present nearby; formerly, each allotted a figure of footprints alongside, signifying its closeness to the smartphone that the player is using for Pokemon Go. Since this footprint feature did not work out as envisioned and was criticized, however, this feature has now been removed.

Pokeradar and Pokevision, which as third-party unofficial tracking facilities, also now have got restricted functionality. Real time maps were created by Pokevision, by using data from non-other than Pokemon Go to help players to find specific characters. It developer mentioned on twitter that the site had been inactivated. Pokevision also tweeted they wished they had news to give.

At that instant they were simply honouring Nintendo and Niantic’s requests. There has commotion caused within the community of the game due to the sudden pause of tracking from third party applications, along with the elimination of features like the footprint. Member CA_dot mentioned on discussion forum Reddit which was conducted online that it was absurd that a not so complex feature couldn’t be controlled easily and had such negative feedback and consequences.

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“Instead of eliminating features, I think Niantic could have simply fixed the game.” Pokemon Go with its updated application also has added a cautionary note to its players, not to play the game while driving, allowing players to revise their avatar and resolves numerous bugs.


People act, Niantic react

According to a Facebook post by Niantic, the removal of the tracker was only to aid improvement of the fundamental design. They also claimed that the actual execution of the tracker was unable to meet the needs of Niantic which they had initially started off. They are also assertive that they will keep the group within the loop as it thrives to improvise.


Niantic said that they had come across many posts and emails showing frustration by people regarding the problem since it started, and that they were working on it at would fix them at the earliest. Likewise, they blamed an absence of communication in operating efficiently to sort a few problems with the game. While many gamers did comment with appreciation regarding these changes, there were yet many others who still found it ambiguous and an extension of a common approach of Niantic of interacting little with the player base.


Even though a few would think through the sites to be duplicitous, they at least did rise up spirits of gamers to play as the game was supposed to be played, wandering around, tracking characters and gathering them. But now, gamers are enforced to play the game in a different way altogether, without any assistance to track down any Pokemon other than by aimlessly coming across the characters.


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