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How to Protect Your Smartphone Privacy

Smartphone Privacy
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Some Smartphone privacy Related Issues Of Your Smartphones

The status of Smartphone privacy these days seems to be at stake in every field. The hackers have proved their expertise, starting from hacking software, bank account details and many more. With the advent of Smartphones the entire world has come into our grip; where you can access both your professional and private concerns while sitting at your home. Thus, these gadgets have become so imperative junctures of everyone’s life that all your works would remain undone if you don’t have a Smartphone.

The boons the gadget provides has a tinge of concern related to your Smartphone privacy attached to it. The software which is connected to your phone has the capability of tracking every single move of its customers. The scenario is more or less the same in iOS or Android infused devices. Apple and Google are smart enough to keep record of all your moves via your Smartphone privacy system. It can collect all your data and even keeps record of the places you visit, the apps that you download and follow including all your search queries that you fed in your search engines.

Though, when we come to know this, we find it to be stressful, but it is also an undenying fact that these company uses your data to provide several benefits, like Apple take reports from all the apps to fix bugs and crashes in its software which they be a measure of their Smartphone privacy policy. Google too keeps tabs to restore your location track and thus can suggest how long your phone will take to come back to its position. This can be perceived on a positive note where if your phone gets lost then you can immediately locate its position, but you also need to consider the fact that, though Google provides you with this added advantage, but remember that using of your data can sometimes lead to serious consequences.

But, if we compare both the Smartphone producing companies in terms of their usage of the users personal data then we will find that Apple uses much less data of their user than Google.

Apple has begun to reduce the limit of data collection. Starting from scanning of email to tracking of location, Apple has now limited itself of using its customers’ data in comparison to Google. Apple also retains very limited personal information of its users.

Google has said that they collect so many information of its users because they intend to provide better facilities by customizing different applications and services to its users with the best version of personalization and programs as a wing of smartphone privacy system.

It is the most trusted fact that no matter which systems gadget you use; may that be Apple or Google, you can decide what percentage of accessibility you want to provide to your system software and whose privacy policy you find most just and trustworthy. It is all on you, that whom you can or want to rely on. Both, Apple and Google are the best in their respective forte, but what you consider to be most useful is your choice. Smartphones are meant for smart users and it is always a smart choice to select a gadget notifying its privacy measures.

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