Super Flexible Liquid Crystal Device for Bendable and Rollable Displays

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We are living in a society, where the science and technology have registered as massive growth and already gifted us with some of the most amazing inventions and discoveries. Since last three to four decades; some extraordinary and excellent developments occurred in the science and technology segment, which are of immense importance in our daily life. For the last couple of years, researchers and developers of various institutions and industry are trying to develop some of the unique items, including Super-flexible liquid crystal equipment for rollable and bendable displays, which may change the entire idea of the displays of different devices.

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In recent past, researchers from Tohoku University in Japan have developed the much awaited super-flexible liquid crystal device, where two numbers of ultra-thin substrates, made of plastic, are bonded by the spacers of polymer wall, in a very firm way.

Important Information and Features

It can be noted that a previous attempt at creating a flexible display, with a light emitting diode (OLED) of organic substance and a very slender plastic substrate, were very promising but the stability of such item was in great question.


The team of Professor Hideo Fujikake, in association with Assistant Professor Takashiro Ishinabe; both from School of Engineering, having the view that the newly discovered organic substance will be helpful in making the electronic devices and displays more increasing the portability, flexibility and the versatility of all-around quality. The new usage ideas with the flexibility and the quality display of very higher standard could be able to offer infinite possibilities in the near-future information services.

Various researches showing that the plastic substrates are actually very poor as gas- barriers for both water vapor and oxygen, therefore; OLED materials can be seriously damaged by the internal gasses. It is worth mentioning that there is yet to developed any device fabrication know-how so far established for the high resolution, large-area and cheaper displays in the flexible OLEDs segment.


In an attempt to overcome these problems, the research team of Fujikake has decided to give it a try to make present LC displays flexible just by replacing the existing bulky glass substrates with the thinner flexible liquid crystal plastic substrates, which are lighter and more flexible in nature, as the liquid crystal  materials are not prone to be get destroyed or deteriorated for gas barriers of flexible substrates.

Other Features

It can be mentioned that the Flexible liquid crystal  displays are having some unique advantages, such as; establishing the production procedures for the displays of larger-area. The liquid crystal  substance itself is quite inexpensive and thereby able to be produced on a mass scale and showing a very little amount of quality degradation in the process.


The transparent and ultra-thin substrates are prepared by using the coating and the debonding processes of a special quality polyimide solution, which is usually supplied by the Mitsui Chemicals. The direct result of this uses is the flexible sheet that is quite similar to the cling film, which is being used in the food-wrapping purposes. The Super-flexible liquid crystal equipment for rollable and bendable displays has changed the basic approaches of the displays.


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