Proven Tips for Using Social Media to Improve Your SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing are two strategies that go hand-in-hand. This is because both revolve around building your brand’s online visibility and organically attracting visitors. In fact, you can actually use social media to boost your SEO campaign in ways that nothing else can.

So how exactly can you use social media to improve your SEO campaign and boost your website or blog’s search engine rankings? Here are some proven tips that will allow you to do so:

Update Your Social Media Profiles Daily

The more followers you have on social media, the more daily traffic is naturally going to be coming to your website. Vice versa, the number of visitors you bring to your website can increase your number of social media followers if you provide links to your social media pages as well.

The best way to increase your number of social media followers will simply be to post more shareable content. You should ideally be updating each of your social media profiles multiple times a day and engaging with relevant social groups to spread awareness about your brand.

Use Popular Keywords In Your Social Media Posts

While you probably already know the importance of using popular keywords in your website’s content, have you ever thought of using those keywords in your social media posts as well? This holds true for all social media sites from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest.

The best keywords to include in your social media posts will be the ones that are already attracting visitors to your website. Use a free SEO analyzer that will generate reports for you listing out which exact keywords and phrases people are typing into search engines to find your website.

According to one of the leading agencies that offer seo services in Dubai, the digital (search and social) need to be identified as an ecosystem. Traffic coming from social media platforms are considered as major trust signals by search engines like Google. This can help you improve the authority of the site and positively impact not only traffic, but also site metrics.

Understand That Social Media Pages Appear In Search Engines

You should never forget the fact that your social media pages are all appearing in search engines. This means if your social media pages are gaining more traffic than your website, it’s actually possible for those pages to rank higher than your website. If this is the case for you, focus on including a link to your website in each of your daily social media posts as a means to organically bring in more visitors.

Influence Social Sharing

When search engines see that your social media content is getting a lot of shares, the positioning of your social media profiles on search engine results pages will automatically improve. While getting a hundred people to share one of your posts may feel great to you, you’re going to need to bring that up to a thousand or more before search engines like Google and Yahoo take notice of it.

The most effective method to encourage social sharing will be to offer rewards to those who do so. For example, you can hold a special contest with a significant prize, and anyone who shares your post will be automatically entered to win.

Wrapping Things Up

When it comes down to it, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t use social media to try and improve your SEO campaign. Social media and SEO play off of each other brilliantly in that they each naturally benefit the other, so by using the tips in this article you have a big opportunity to attract visitors you couldn’t have otherwise.

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