No Wasted Space: Tips and Tricks for Choosing Mobile Android Apps You’ll Actually Use

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Finding an app for something in particular is not really that difficult, and there are a dizzying number of apps available to download, but the question is, how many do you actually use on a regular basis.


About half of smartphone user tend to download somewhere between six and ten apps every week, but just how many of these are really useful to you?


Making a good choice


If you are wanting to check on something like the weather for example, downloading an app that gives you free live updates, is likely to prove useful, and if you like the sound of that app, you can get it on Google play.


If you don’t want to take up valuable space on your smartphone with an app that you are not going to use that often, the trick is make a good choice in the first place before you hit the download button.


Knowing what the weather is going to be doing is one example of how you can get regular use out of an app, just like having your traffic updates delivered to your phone before you hit the road.


Meeting your needs


Probably the golden rule of choosing whether you want to download an app or not, is to know what you need.


Before simply being dazzled by the colorful icon that is just inviting you to download their shiny app, take a moment to decide whether it will prove to be a useful addition to your smartphone and earn its place amongst your existing apps.


It is not just whether you have a specific need for what the app is offering to do for you or what information it is going to deliver, it is also worth checking out whether the ap is going to prove compatible with your specific phone model and type.


Filling a need with an app is definitely a key criteria and asking that question before downloading, should help to eliminate some impulse buys that end up getting deleted.


Check it out


It can help if you read some reviews of the app before you download it.


Reading the description of all of the benefits associated with the app, provided by the app’s designers, will give you some good clues towards its key features and qualities, but you can also get an idea about how easy users find it to use the app, by reading some unbiased reviews too.


Although you might get some useful clues by reading reviews and seeing how many people have already downloaded the app in question, dig a bit deeper into the numbers. If you find that the average review rating was three stars or higher, it can be a useful indicator that the majority find the app useful and easy to use.


If you don’t want to waste some valuable space on your android device, take the time to see if an app is going to work for you and your needs, giving you access to really useful apps that fit the bill, every time you pick up your phone.


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