Turn a Smartphone into a Satellite Phone

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Satellite Phones – Assured Advantage over Traditional Cellular Phones

The new smartphone is a phenomenon of modern technology together with the carrier network which enables the user to make calls from the deepest urban jungle to Mount Everest. However inspite of the global coverage of the carrier networks, at times it is not adequate. This gives rise to the need of satellite coverage.Satellite phones tend to have assured advantages over the traditional cellular phones mainly since they can be utilised anywhere especially when there is no cellular tower located in and around the location.

For those who need to be in remote areas where the cellular coverage may not be available, satellite coverage could be helpful in connecting with their family and friends. Satellite ability can be added to the prevailing iPhone or Android smartphone and all that is needed is a Thuraya SatSleeve. The Thuraya SatSleeve is considered to be the smartest, simplest and the fastest way in transforming the phone into a satellite smartphone and provides access to phone calls, instant messages, emails together with popular social media apps in satellite mode over 161 countries within the network coverage of Thuraya. It is considered to be the world’s first satellite adaptor for smartphones, offering affordable and easy access to mobile communication services distributed across the satellite network of Thuraya.

SatSleeve – Satellite Data Operation

Users could insert their compatible smartphone in the SatSleeve for iPhone or SatSleve for Android and can remain connected through the phone. Besides providing support for calls as well as SMS messaging, the latest SatSleeves also tends to have satellite data operations for emails, browsing, instant messaging and much more. The user could just slide on the sleeve and have a satellite phone, though calls and data would be adding to the cost based on where it is used. The SatSleeve come in two options namely:

  • SatSleeve for iPhone is provided with an adaptor for iPhone 5/5z is in the package. Adaptors for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 6 are offered separately from Thuraya Service Partners.
  • SatSleeve for Android comes with an adaptor for Samsung Galaxy S4 is in the package. Adaptors for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5 are offered separately from Thuraya Service Partners

Features of SatSleeve

Some of the features of SatSleeve are extended battery life and acts as backup battery for iPhone – SatSleeve for iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S only, enhanced safety features with an Emergency Call button, high penetration alerting – HPA ability enabling receiving call even when the satellite antenna seems to be retracted.

The SatSleeve, a satellite phone adaptor is clipped to the smartphone and provides the user with satellite coverage when beyond the mobile receptions field. The satellite phone in its own right uses the smartphone to make calls, send SMS and utilises the data of which is without the requirement of an old style satellite handset. It can be connected in a few simple steps. It has a casual monthly plan without any activation fee and no minimum contract term. It is an ideal solution for keeping in touch. Users could activate the monthly service and pay according to their usage.



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