Smartbe: Self Driving Smartphone Controlled Baby Stroller is on Its Way

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Human beings are incredible and so are their inventions. A US based startup has come up with an exciting innovation for those who are required to manage and take care of their baby(ies) called Smartbe.

Smartbe is an intelligent baby stroller which can be controlled using a dedicated and secured electronic panel built on the stroller’s handle and a modern, integrated and advanced mobile app. Now, you must be wondering how is this going to function and what are the exact features right? Well, here it is –


The underlying principle:

Smartbe makes use of motion tracking sensing technology and system that enables a hands free experience to the user. So, the stroller is going to follow you wherever you go. So whether you are walking, running, jogging, exercising, standing still or even going backward, it is always going to be with you.

There are three modes of navigation and control that get activated automatically:

  • The self-propelled mode – This comprises of ultrasonic distance, measurement sensors, Radio Frequency Transceptor and DC Traction Motors. There is no need of any physical contact of any sort in this case.
  • Assist Propelled Mode – This involves pressure sensors and DC traction motors. Smartbe allows moving around without any effort but the user will have to hold the handle.
  • Manual Mode – There is no motor involved here. The user will be required to do things manually.


The audio system:

The innovation also covers important aspects like wireless speakers for music. This means that users can play music while they move around with the stroller. It can play all sorts of music including lullabies to put the child to sleep. This implies that parents no longer have to join music classes or remember songs when it comes to putting their babies to sleep.


Anti-theft mechanism:

The distance controlled anti-theft alarm system of Smartbe is yet another important feature of this unique project. That takes care of a situation where the child may get kidnapped. The moment the stroller goes beyond a certain distance from the user, Smartbe starts emitting signals to the user and a warning is displayed on the smart device indicating to the user immediately that something is wrong and requires attention.


Smartbe also has a closed canopy and a fast bottle warmer. It enables adjusting the position of the stroller. It is absolutely safe for both the baby and the parent(s). It also features a safety locker and a safety belt waist strap. There are also light signals at the side of the stroller. The video-sound monitoring system is yet another safety feature that allows you to keep an eye on the baby.

The Smartbe is going to be the world’s first intelligent stroller which is going to cover not just your need but also the needs of your baby(ies). It runs on battery power for almost 6 hours. All the functions can be managed from any smart device having either iOS or Android. No doubt, this innovation will make the stroll with the baby a unique and pleasant experience.


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