What is iType.exe and What Does it Do?

What is iType.exe and What Does it Do?
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While using a PC, you may notice an “iType.exe” procedure running the task manager. It stands for IntelliType. First, you should know that it is not Apple software installed automatically on the PC. This service is linked with Microsoft IntelliType, a keyboard driver for Microsoft branded keyboards. The ‘i’ letter in the term means intelligent. This process is compatible with Mac OSX and Windows.

What is iType.exe?

It is a pre-installed application running on devices with a Microsoft IntelliType Pro keyboard or mouse. It starts as soon as you install the software, enabling you to manage the keyboard.

According to Microsoft, the procedure is available in Windows Task Manager. The process belongs to Microsoft IntelliType Pro or Microsoft IntelliPoint / IntelliType Pro or Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center or Advansys Formative Framework (by Microsoft).

People using Microsoft Keyboard can find it under the C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro folder. 1.78 MB is the average size of the folder.

About iType.exe:

This process is not crucial for the Windows OS, creating some issues. You can get this available in the “C:\Program Files” subfolder. On Windows 10/8/7/XP, the sizes are usually 1,487,568 bytes, 1,491,664 bytes, etc.

The .exe file, certified by a trustworthy company, isn’t a Windows core file. Using this, you can monitor different apps, record keyboard, and mouse inputs, etc. People can use this as it is safe to use. The file enables the extra buttons of the keyboard to work. It entirely depends on your need whether you are willing to disable this or not. Disabling the keyboard will not stop the keyboard from working. However, doing so can disable the shortcut key.

Microsoft has a specialization in creating quality software. However, the company was famous for creating and selling branded mice, keyboards, and other peripherals. Generally, Windows comes with its preloaded drivers for the devices. But, if you are willing to use a high-end Microsoft device, there is another specific driver to support the advanced functionalities and features.

Microsoft IntelliType:

Microsoft IntelliType is a brand driver for the keyboard series of Microsoft. Using the driver, you can customize specific features for the keyboard and bind different keys. For example, with the help of the bound keys, you can open a program file and a web page, perform specific commands, etc. In addition, the file is equipped with other advanced features like disabling the standard pressed keys, adjusting zoom slider performance, etc.

Microsoft’s new software has been released, called Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.0. The software is going to replace the position of Microsoft IntelliType. However, you can download the previous software and run it on PCs. In the software, you can get a revamped UI available with the modern look of Windows. Besides, the software comes with other minor new features like “how-to” tips, “Explore features…” etc. However, the software is not famous yet. Multiple people are still available who are willing to use the old IntelliType.

The file may be a default feature in a few computers. But you can download the software from Microsoft’s official website. Although the software is connected with keyboard drivers, it is not a default file. You can remove the file if any issue causes it. The process runs in the background.

Is The iType.exe File Safe or a Virus?

The file is safe entirely. Besides, this file is equipped with a Microsoft Corporation digital signature, and you can check this by tapping on the file. We advise not to remove the file from the PC till the file doesn’t create any error. The reason is that this file allows several features for the keyboard that you can’t use otherwise.

However, this file can be malware or a trojan. Do these if there is any doubt over the credibility of the file.

You should first check the file location. Hence, your first task is to tap on the file in the task manager. Then, you should tap the option Open file location to find the file on the computer. Unfortunately, the genuine file is not available in the Windows folder, due to which you can say that it may be a virus if found in any other location than C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro.

To check the digital signature, you need to tap on the file first. After that, your job is to tap on the Properties option. Next, go to the Digital signatures tab. Next, your job is to verify if the file has a Microsoft digital signature.

If you are willing, check the size and name of the file. Hence, you can take the help of the file details and try to match them. Of course, depending on the version of the program, the file size can vary. However, if you find the name and the size displaying any discrepancies, the file can be a virus.

Common iType.exe Error Messages:

We have given here the five most common error messages that can appear.

itype.exe – Application Error

The instruction at “0x????????” reference memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be read.

Cause and solution:

  • You can face the error due to the presence of a faulty program code. In this case, you have to signal the issue to the app’s developer. Then, you should try to install a newer version.
  • Sometimes, your PC may not have sufficient memory available for the app. Hence, you need to free up the space to stop some apps or services.
  • You can find a hardware component of the PC malfunctioning. In this case, you need to check the PC’s hardware components with special attention to the RAM modules.

itype.exe – Error

The program can’t start because ???.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Possible cause and solution:

The DLL file that you need to run is either missing or outdated. Hence, you can install the app again.

itype.exe – Access denied

Possible cause and solution:

  • You may be unable to access the file for the antivirus software. Therefore, you should check the antivirus software’s log and quarantine.
  • You may not have permission to run the file. Hence, try to change the file permissions.
  • The file may be damaged, for which you need to install the app again.

itype.exe – Error

itype.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.

Possible cause and solution:

You may not have installed the file. Therefore, you should install the app.

itype.exe – Application error

The exception is Illegal Instruction. An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction.

Possible cause and solution:

The file contains an instruction set incompatible with your CPU. In this case, your job is to install the right version suitable for the PC.

The hardware component of the PC may malfunction sometimes. Therefore, you should check the hardware components with special attention to the CPU’s cooling.

We have given here a few more common error messages that can appear.

  • 1. “itype.exe Application Error.”
  • 2. “itype.exe failed.”
  • 3. “itype.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
  • 4. “itype.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
  • 5. “itype.exe is not running.”
  • 6. “itype.exe not found.”
  • 7. “Cannot find itype.exe.”
  • 8. “Error starting program: itype.exe.”
  • 9. “Faulting Application Path: itype.exe.”

You can find the error messages at the time of the installation of a program. Besides, these can appear while executing the associate software program, Microsoft IntelliType Pro 8.1, opening or closing windows, installing the Windows operating system, etc. Therefore, if you are going to troubleshoot, you need to know when and where the issue happens.

Download or Reinstall:

Ensure that you should not download any .exe files from any download sites. The reason is that these can contain viruses.

Whether you are willing to download the file or reinstall it, we advise reinstalling the original app linked with the file, Microsoft IntelliType Pro 8.1.

OS details:

The process can happen in these Microsoft Windows OSs.

  • 1. Windows 10
  • 2. Windows 8.1
  • 3. Windows 7
  • 4. Windows Vista
  • 5. Windows XP
  • 6. Windows ME
  • 7. Windows 2000

Can you disable or delete iType.exe?

You can disable the procedure as the process is not preloaded. Besides, you don’t have anything to do with the OS functionality. You will not find any changes to the OS while disabling the procedure. But ensure that if you disable the service available, it can remove all functionalities available in the Microsoft keyboard. You can access the functionalities through the service only. Rather than that, you should install default drivers and use the Microsoft keyboard like a traditional one.

Two methods are there that you can follow to disable the method. Either you have to prevent the app from starting while the PC starts or select the app to uninstall entirely.

How to Stop iType.exe from Launching at Startup?

  • You can prevent the service from launching itself automatically. First, your job is to head towards the task manager. Next, you should open your startup tab to find all the running procedures listed. Then, you need to disable the process from there.
  • Tap on the Windows + R first. After that, your job is to write “taskmgr” in the dialogue box and hit Enter.
  • As soon as you are in the task manager, your task is to head towards the “startup” tab. After that, you are required to tap on the procedure and choose the “Disable” option.
  • Finally, you need to reboot the PC and check if the trick works.

How can you uninstall IntelliType completely?

If you are willing to delete the service, your first task is to remove the app from the PC. You should know when you uninstall the app; the process will remove all the saved key configurations of the keyboard. Now, it may not be possible to use these anymore.

Your first job is to tap on the Windows + R keys. Next, head towards the dialogue box and write “appwiz.cpl” there. Now, hit Enter.

All the apps installed are available here. You should go through all of these till you do not find them. Then, tap on the option and choose the “Uninstall” option.

At last, you should reboot the PC and check if the action works.

How to check if the PC is infected with this malware?

Your computer will experience lagging in speed and performance while suffering from a virus attack.

Step 1: Tap CTRL+ALT+DEL buttons repeatedly to open the Task Manager.

Step 2: Whether you find the process available outside of the designated c:\program, perform an antivirus scan to solve the problem related to malware.

How to fix:

Having a clean and tidy PC is the most effective way to avoid the issues with Microsoft IntelliType Pro 8.1. It indicates that you can perform malware scans, clean hard disk using cleanmgr and sfc /scannow to, uninstall unnecessary programs, monitor any auto-start programs using MSConfig, enable automatic Windows updates, etc. In addition, ensure that you make backups daily or define recovery points at least.

Whether you are facing a major issue, remember the last thing you have done or the app you have installed before the issue. Then, if you’re willing, take the help of the resmon command to identify the methods causing the problem. Then, try to repair the installation rather than reinstalling windows. Besides, if you have Windows 8, execute the command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth, and it lets you repair the OS without data loss.

Try to analyze the procedure on the PC. In that case, you can take the help of the Security Task Manager. The software helps to showcase all Windows tasks running like default hidden processes (keyboard and browser monitoring or auto-start entries). A single security risk rating means that it may be malware, spyware, or a potential Trojan horse. This software can identify and erase spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, malware, and trackers from the hard disk.

Final Thoughts:

Many features make the PCs functional. For example, Microsoft has offered many features letting you use the mouse and keyboard. Besides, they offer a service called iType.exe, allowing you to access Keyboard features on your device.

If the service is not present, you may not access a few functional features. You can disable the feature when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Is the process causing High Disk Usage?

If you’re willing to know if it causes high disk usage, you should first open the Task Manager app. You need to tap on the Windows Taskbar and select Task Manager to do this. After that, hit the Disk option available at the top to find out the amount of disk space used by the file.

  • Is the process causing High CPU Usage?

Head towards the Task Manager app first, and then your task is to look for the itype process. Finally, you should check the percentage of CPU usage.

  • Is the procedure causing High Network Usage?

Whether you want to know if the file has high data usage, you should open the Task Manager windows app first. Then, you are required to look for the itype process and check the percentage of the used network.

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