4 Gmail Hacks That Will Change The Way You Work

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Google’s Gmail Program – Most Malleable

Google’s email program Gmail, one of the most malleable programs has given rise to small ecosystems of add-ons wherein one can provide their email with superpower which could go beyond sending as well as receiving communications. If one has ever come across some problems with their email, here are a few ways which could change the way one tend to work.

  1. Eradicate Regrets – This new Gmail feature had made headlines recently. Gmail’s new `Undo’ feature enables to unsent an email up to 30 seconds once it is send. In order to enable this feature, one could click the gear in the top right hand area of the Gmail window, go to Settings, scroll down to `Undo Send’ ensuring that the button is checked and thereafter save the changes.
  2. Fake the Timestamp– If the user seems to be working in the middle of the night and would prefer that the emails sent, seemed like they were send in the morning instead of the middle of the night, the Gmail app – Boomerang enables you to schedule emails, set up snooze messages as well as get reminders. It is a plug-in which allows users to schedule outgoing emails and fake the time stamp. The plug-in tends to work with Firefox, Chrome and Safari Web browsers with a free basic plan for users keen in scheduling up to 10 messages per month while heavy users would need to upgrade to a paid plan enabling unlimited scheduled messages and other features focused at business users. Users could choose to `boomerang’ their message so that it could leave their inbox though return two days before the occurrence One could also ask Boomerang for a reminder if no replies seem to come to an email send or if one even tends to forget to do a follow up with the email sent.
  3. Instantly pull up someone’s name, title and mutual connection–Before sending an email to someone, you could check for any mutual connections through the Rapportive which the new Gmail extension that pulls up LinkedIn profiles within Gmail enables the user to see someone’s profile alongside their message. Irrespective of sending or receiving emails, Rapportive tends to give quick information needed in order to ensure that your message is well informed and accurate. Rapportive is available for Firefox and Chrome users though FullContact also offers a similar plug-in which is gaining control. One would require Chrome, although the company also tends to have an iOS app. Both the products tend to work in the same manner and when one opens an email a sidebar is displayed which is a stat-filled business card complete with photo, personal information together with social media links and other relevant information which could be helpful to the user.
  4. Detect email white lies – There are quiet passive aggressive emails emerging and while there are email tracking plug-ins like MailTrack which informs senders when exactly a recipient has opened their message, on the other hand there are Email –tracker like Ugly Email that enables wary users view which incoming emails have a tracker embedded. Mailtrack adds a column of check marks to the inbox thus portraying which messages have been opened while Ugly Emails tends to display a small `eye’ icon near the subject line of tracked emails.


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