New Stromer ST2 Electric Bike Hills Without Breaking a Sweat

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Stromer is known for developing high-end electric bikes which remain ahead of race in terms of technology and design. Stromer ST2 is its latest offering, which is none the less than a piece of marvel due to being in sync with the modern technology. It possesses a strong and robust motor complimented with elegant design and impressive features.

Features of Stromer ST2 electric bike

Creators of this exceptional e-bike have done tremendous work on its design. A lot of detail has been given to provide more than optimum safety, comfort, handling and performance to this exquisite bicycle. Its design though looks like a futuristic version of other bikes but the way it has been translated is worth praising. This Stromer ST2 comes loaded with 48-volt battery which is present in its frame down the tube and more effort has been placed in providing a distributed balance.

Stromer ST2 possesses a heavy compact SYNO drive motor, which gives out 500W of power along with an impressive torque of 35Nm. This means you will have enough power to go up and down the hills and explore more exciting terrains apart from exploring the nooks and corner of the city with ease and grace.

A sensational driving range in this new Stromer ST2 e-bike

Stromer ST2 can easily give out a driving range of up to 150 Km on a full single charge with its advanced lithium ion batteries. Furthermore this bike can easily stretch the battery life with its regenerative braking technology. Creators had even laced it with gyroscope and accelerometer to give further boost to its battery by adjusting the output whilst the bike is motion.

Interactive display and more connectivity options

Stromer has literally created a new chapter in the history of electric bikes with its advanced integration of digital connectivity. This Stromer ST2 e-bike possesses an onboard interactive touch-screen display, which shows the speed and power mode to the riders. Riders are at their liberty to customize the different level of motor assistance, set up a custom profile, analyze the torque and pedal sensitivity as well as use from the range of power assist options during their travels.

Stromer ST2 also has wireless connectivity solution wherein this bike can easily communicate with your smartphone with simple touches. Bike also connects with GSM data networks automatically without a data plan. The best part is that in case this gets stolen, then the consumer can track it down via GPS which will simply lock on its exact location.

Do more with connectivity options

Consumers can do a wide number of things with the digital connectivity such as locking or unlocking the bike remotely, tuning its performance and locating it in case of theft with the help of a smartphone. Stromer has developed its own cloud based platform called Omni which helps in communicating with the Stromer ST2 e-bike through installation of Stromer app both on iOS and Android based devices.

Stromer ST2 at the moment comes with a warranty of 3 years on its parts and astonishing 10 years on its frame and body which is an added advantage.


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