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Facebook to let people use Facebook Messenger without having account on social network

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Facebook Permit Users to Use Facebook Messenger Chat App

Facebook will now permit individuals to use Facebook Messenger chat app, with an option of signing up without the need of having an account on the social network. Earlier the app was available only within Facebook but it has now been split into a separate app and unbundled from Facebook completely.

Users could now sign up with their name and phone number together with a photo. However, Facebook login is shown as a priority. This change was done by the site since it felt that enabling people to sign up for Facebook had been holding them back from utilising Facebook Messenger as per information received from Wired and the site had been looking forward in adding to the 700 million using Messenger.

Last year, the site had split off to its own app when Facebook refrained individual from sending messages through its main app and since then Facebook Messenger has been growing into its own platform. In March, an announcement at a conference was made that it would be adding new features comprising of integrated apps, video calls, games and much more.

In 2012, Facebook had tested on enabling users to sign up for Messenger without appropriate login, before in India and elsewhere. However, it did not develop the feature and shortly thereafter stopped providing it to all.

Facebook Search Function to Locate Contacts

Facebook desires people to use Facebook Messenger even if users do not prefer Facebook and is opening the option to sign for its chat app without an account, which has already started in Canada, Peru, US and Venezuela prior to the features provided elsewhere. A new button – `NotOnFacebook in the Messenger sign-up will enable users to upload their phone contacts and Facebook would then match them against Messenger users registered with those phone numbers in order to build a no-account user’s social graph. Moreover users would also have the privilege of using Facebook search function in locating contacts they would prefer to chat with but who may have not given Facebook their contact number.

David Marcus informs that it is a kind of an augmented address book wherein one can search for everyone on Facebook Messenger. He also insisted that this not a kind of some strategy to get his company into China or other countries where Facebook could be blocked and since Facebook’s’ complete range of IP addresses is naturally blocked, Messenger could also be censored.

Next Project – Facebook Messenger For Business

Facebook is now working on new functions for Facebook Messenger and has added friend-to-friend payments, new location sharing options, a dedicated web interface, VOIP video call and app platform to send images as well as sound clips to friends or to even play games.

Marcus states that Facebook Messenger’s next huge project would be rolling out its `Messenger For Business’ system to several verticals, enabling online merchants in offering customer support through Messenger instead of slow phone calls or emails. He further adds that Messenger tends to perform an improved job of explaining its strong set of features; prompting users when to use them.

This comprises of making utilities that are built by third party developers on Messenger’s platform easy to access. At around 700 million monthly users, Facebook Messenger has become already large and to beat SMS, it would need ubiquity in which way one could depend on all friends being on it and would not have to leave Messenger in order to reach them.

The new feature in Facebook’s initial markets such as US and UK would generally help Messenger in recruiting people who had left Facebook or did not want to join in.

Facebook Messenger First Taste of Facebook for Users

In the meanwhile, the emerging markets, where Facebook had not reached the entire population though its free SMS alternatives were getting popular; Messenger could be the first taste of Facebook for the user.

Marcus goes on to explain that the only way in which they can grow in those market is for user who are not on Facebook to be able to join and does not intend to stop till all are on the platform since it would make for a better experience when one tends to know that they can find everyone. He is not nervous about the circumstance that some would just not prefer Facebook and states that some people have ideological belief against the social network.

He was hired from being President of PayPal, last year and has led Messenger to a great rise in user count from 200 million to 700 million with a blitz of product launches. As long as Facebook can get footage, it would probably be able to convince users to sign up for its entire service.

The links in user’s Facebook Messenger’s profile could lead to their Facebook images and will allure registrations, which is important for Facebook since it only portrays ads on its News Feed and does not monetize Messenger directly. Basically, Facebook has recognized that not all would desire a social network of News Feed though everyone tends to chat.


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