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Facegloria a Sin Free Facebook Attracts Thousands

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Facegloria, it’s not just another social networking site where people can use any vulgar world and erotic contents. Recently, a group of Evangelical Christians, who are from Brazil, has launched a social networking site where people are not allowed to swear on the name of region and use erotic content in any form.

The creators and developers of Facegloria are claiming that in less than month after launching the site it has attracted more than 100,000 members from all over the world. While developing the website, developers have forbidden more than 600 words on website and there is “Amen” button on website for the users to express the appreciation for post.

About Ummaland, the first religious social networking site (exclusively for Muslims):

This is not first time in history when any religious social networking site has come in existence because earlier in 2014 Maruf Yusupov and Jamoliddin Daliyev have launched Ummaland, a social networking site exclusively for Muslims. Currently, Ummaland have more than 329,000 active members from all over the world.

Ummaland has extended their privacy settings for women and those who love to receive daily Islamic or inspirational quotes. According to Jamoliddin Daliyev and Maruf Yusupov, co-founder of site, we are developing our website on the Islamic values and according to that boasting, gossiping, small talk, vulgar talk, erotic words and backbiting is not allowed and appreciate the message which really matters.

About Facegloria:

Currently, Brazil’s Facegloria is available in Portuguese, but according to developers and co-founders of site soon we will launch the site in other major language as well and in near future we are planning to launch the mobile app for Facegloria, so that people from all over the world can join us.

However; it’s well known truth that maximum Roman Catholics live in Brazil. Gay, porn and other erotic material and content is banned on this social networking site. Mr Barros as well as his three other co-founders operate the office from Acir dos Santos and for whole project Mr dos Santos have invested more than £ 10,000 or $ 16,000 in this startup. The more he added that our network is global and people from all around the globe are fee to join our site and due to that we have bought this domain in English and all the other possible languages.

To deliver the Biblical quotes they have taken the help from TempleOS, as developer Terry Davis has spent more than10 years of his career to build Christian operating system, which is full of Biblical references and quotes. TempleOS is also known as the official temple of God.

Need of Facegloria or ‘Sin free Facebook’:

These days frequently you can find a lot of fake ids as well as violence and pornography on Facebook and Facebook has no future plans to take them down that’s why Atilla Barros and his associates thought to create another social network where they can talk about God and some real issues for the benefit of society.


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