5 Useful Android Apps Not Available For iPhone

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There are thousands of App in Google Play Store, which are available for Android and iPhone device users, but still there are some apps that are available for only Android users.

Most of these apps provide you an opportunity to use Android device in more organized form. Android lets app developers and researchers to do certain things which Apple prohibits, so here are few most used apps which are only available for Android platforms;

  1. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz Launcher is one of the most attractive android apps for android users as it make provides you opportunity to access the device comfortably straight from the home screen. In simple words we can say that it’s a home screen replacement for Android, which is extremely simple to navigate because it comes with bunch of home screen options and themes to provide whole new look to your home screen. Just by swiping up from the bottom you can launch the app menu and to access the setting all you need to press and hold anywhere on the screen.

  1. Link Bubble Browser:

If you are social media freak, and love to share files and web-links on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, but you are tired from signing option, so this android apps will provide you platform where all you need to tap to access the social media feed. It also allow you to browse the Facebook or Twitter while on the same time the links will upload in the background.

  1. MightyText:

If you find it difficult to answer your phone or text at workplace, so here is some good opportunity for you because MightyText app will provide you an opportunity to answer any text messages from Android tablet or laptop or PC.

  1. FoxFi:

It is free Android apps, which is available in Google Play Store; it let you to use your Android device as hotspot without having to pay the extra fee. It is used to take data from the plan of your carrier which you have opted. You can also use the Virtual Private Network to mask your personal activity from your carrier.

  1. Google Now Launcher:

If you are using the phone of skinned version of Android platform such as; HTC or Samsung’s phone, so you can install the Google Now launcher which is able to make your home screen more clear than ever. The Google Now launcher will allow you to access the voice controls more quickly and simply by saying Ok Google” straight from the home screen.

Other Apps:

  1. EverythingMe is also an android apps launcher exclusive for those who want to stay organized as it comes with automatically sort’s apps and universal search engine.
  2. Sliding Explorer is one of the best file Sliding Explorer apps, which let you to access the stored file on your SD card from your computer without any USB or Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Last but not least, ES File Explorer, it provide you an opportunity to control your Android device straight from PC and you will be also free to share and access your file between PC and Android devices.

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