8 Ways Pokémon Go Can Help You Build More Business

Pokemon Go
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If you are looking for more ways to bring foot traffic and excitement into your small business, one new marketing method can have you taking advantage of a top trend among potential customers, Pokémon Go. This addictive game that combines someone’s real-time geographic location with cute anime characters in a scavenger hunt quest can start working for your own business interests. Best of all, using some of the features of Pokémon Go to bring more people to you won’t cost you very much. Here are some ways you can get more business with this popular game.


1. Offer Free Wi-Fi


One of the first steps to get more Pokémon Go players into your place of business is to have a solid source of free Wi-Fi set up. Advertise or place signage around your place of business to make sure everyone knows you have networking capabilities. That way, Pokémon Go players and other mobile phone gamers can be enticed to enter your organization to continue their games. Once you have customers in the door, you can work to offer products and services geared especially toward them.


2. Request to Be a Pokéstop


In Pokémon Go, the Pokéstops are real places where players gather to stock up on game supplies and other necessities. It’s possible to send a request to the game’s developers in order to make your place of business a Pokéstop. If you’re lucky and your request is granted, this can truly drive more business for your organization.


3. Use Pokémon Characters on Social Media


Next, you want to make sure you are also using additional social media networks to spread the message that your company is a Pokémon place to be. A good way to do that is to start playing the game yourself. As you and your employees find and capture Pokémon characters in your business, take screenshots of each successful hunt. Post these pictures on your official Facebook or Twitter accounts to showcase what your customers could be missing out on.


4. Get Creative With Product Naming


Another great tip is to capitalize on the Pokémon trend when naming new or featured products. Businesses that feature food and beverages can truly take advantage of the Pokémon craze and create new dining options based on some of the most popular Pokémon characters. Social media is another great way to advertise some of your new creations and features, so be sure to take pictures and spread the word to all of your followers.


5. Host Special Pokémon Go Events


The next important tip to bring more business to your establishment concerns special events. Pokémon Go is a game that helps users get out of the house and explore their neighborhoods more than ever. Your business can be part of this trend, especially if you set yourself up to be a Pokémon gym. This is where players can battle each other and earn the rights to be in control of the gym. You can encourage special events and tournaments if you go this route with the game.


6. Purchase Lures to Attract More Customers


One thing that players often do that you could additionally utilize for the benefit of your business is to purchase lures within the game. Lures are offered as a purchase in Pokémon Go and allow you to attract a variety of new Pokémon characters to your area. Businesses that use lures in their establishments end up luring new customers who are primarily wandering around looking for unique Pokémon acquisitions.


7. Connect Your Classic Products to the Game


A clever way to get your social media messages to stick and be meaningful is to tie them to the latest news and trends. Instead of a boring tweet mentioning your products, try a clever caption about “catching them all,” like hamptoncreek with its Pokémon inspired tweet about its Just Mayo product line.


8. Practice Playing the Game


Finally, in order to truly get the most out of this game, you need to download the app yourself and get some practice playing it.Understanding all of the terminology and excitement of the game is much easier once you get some experience. Your regular Pokémon Go players who frequent your business may start to feel more of a connection with your establishment in this case as well.


Today’s social media marketing environment is constantly changing with new trends and tools. Pokémon Go is the next big thing to take over your possible customer base, and you can get in on the craze as well.


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