Android Marshmallow: Google Reveals Name of Android 6.0

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Google has long been teasing the Android fans with promises of bringing a highly advanced and smarter Android OS, which was dubbed as M at that time. But now it has officially revealed the name of its latest Android 6.0 as Android Marshmallow which will be smart intuitive visual interface coupled with advanced features which are aimed at enhancing the experience of Android. Android Marshmallow has the capability to provide an experience, which is at par with Apple’s OS.

Features to look out for in Android Marshmallow

  • Tweak the app permissions

Apps are notorious for taking too much control of the device ranging from reading messages, contacts to changing files and folders. With Marshmallow, permissions are getting huge revamp in every possible manner. These runtime permissions control will allow you to pick and choose what things an app can have access to.

  • Android Pay

Google is bringing its contactless payments gateway with Marshmallow by integrating the Android Pay in OS. It is very similar to the much-talked Apple Pay and newly introduced Samsung Pay.

  • Google Now on bigger scale

Google Now will play a dominant part in enhancing your user experience on the Smartphone devices with Marshmallow. Google Now on Tap is a smart feature wherein you can easily search for multiple information from a single app without the need of hopping around and collecting information. For example if you are texting someone about your dinner plans at a new restaurant then just giving a quick press on the home button will bring up information related to the latest restaurants.

  • Native fingerprint authorization

Fingerprint technology was first boasted in the Apple phone and Google had taken a notice of it by integrating a native fingerprint technology in its new Android OS. Since this technology is built into the Android source code, a higher number of manufacturers will be able to make use of it.

  • Automatic app data backups

Android Marshmallow will feature automatic app data backup in default which means app will get backed up once in a day automatically. This will also safeguard you from losing any data while switching devices.

When Android Marshmallow will come to Smartphone devices?

Google will be releasing its new Android OS named Marshmallow in upcoming months. Keeping with the traditions Marshmallow will first release on the Nexus devices along with much rumored new iteration of Nexus will come preloaded with Marshmallow. Google will be officially launching the Marshmallow in October 2015 and it will take certain time before it reaches to existing Smartphones.

HTC is extremely fast in bringing latest Android OS to its existing devices by operating on 90-day promise. LG and Motorola are known to bring latest Android OS by rolling in quick Over the Air (OTA) updates. Samsung had earlier rolled out the Lollipop just one month after the official launch but only on its premium Smartphone flagship devices. It can be safely said that Marshmallow will reach a commendable number of high-end devices by the beginning of next year.


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