Four Key Features of Android Marshmallow you must Know

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Android Operating System – Marshmallow

New devices have been launched by Google recently which include the updated version of Android operating system, Marshmallow, which is the greatest and the latest reworking of the famous mobile platform in the world. The company considers that the latest version of Android software is created to steer and document more of the user’s lives. The following key features could provide some insight with regards to the new OS –

Four Key Features of Marshmallow

  • Marshmallow features changes tend to provide more power to Android’s personal assistant, Google Now. It enables user to order Google Now for the purpose of scanning whatever content is there on the screen of a mobile device so that it could present relevant information with regards to the topic of a text, a video clip, and an article or a song.
  • With the introduction of a new feature known as `Now on Tap’, the same can be activated by holding down the device’s home button or speaking `OK Google’ in the microphone. This action tends to prompt `Now on tap’ to scan the screen in an effort of figuring out how to be helpful the most. `Now on Tap’ is enabled by Google’s deep app indexing initiative that tends to recognize apps that are not as important as the information contained in them. In several cases, Google has access to the information and would be serving it up any time it is needed.
  • The new operating system of Apple has also been programmed with the iPhone’s Siri assistant to be intuitive in order that it could expect what the user would want or require prior to be openly asked.
  • Besides this, there is also a new smart battery saving mode known as `Doze’ mode which would put the device in sleep mode whenever it is left unattended for a long period of time. The latest version has two new features to help in enhancing the battery life which tends to capitalize on time while the phone is not in use or certain parts of it. Doze tends to use the phone’s accelerometer in identifying when the device seems to be at rest and after a long period of inactivity, it sends the phone into a `deep sleep’ shutting down the background sync activity till the user is back to tapping once again.

Battery Extension – App Standby

A much more calculated approach to battery extension is App Standby wherein Marshmallow disables app that have been unused for some time which would be applicable to app rarely used. Presently fingerprint scanning is native to the operating system, which means that it is available on more phones in a uniform way, enabling easy lock screen accessibility, enhancing features like Android Pay. These are pre-installed on phones with not much of difference than Apple Pay or Google Wallet or any other kind of digital payment system. Android’s `app drawer’, wherein all apps which are not needed on the home screen are hidden till the need arises has been a reasonable way of clearing up the clutter. In Android the app drawer has readjusted into one long flow which tends to be easy on the eye as well as the thumbs.


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