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Anonymous Hacker Knocks One Fifth Of Dark Web Freedom Hosting II Websites

Dark Web Hacking
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Dark web is that part of the internet which is completely untraceable and anonymous and only a few covert browsers are able to access these. Anonymous, another dark web hacking group successfully hacks various computer networks to defend internet rights, human freedom and freedom of information.

The dark web is like the online black market and certainly a leech for our society. An Anonymous hacker has been able to knock one fifth of the dark web websites, over the weekend. This was an unprecedented cyber attack, and also showcases the risk associated with using the internet and how everything online is vulnerable to hacking.

From websites to web cams everything on the internet can be easily accessed by cyber criminals and can be the cause of massive disruption for the people around the world. The dark net is used by criminals and political activists alike and also claims to be virtually untraceable.

Protest against child porn

This time Anonymous is targeting the covert browsers and the hidden websites which are associated with illicit website and criminal activity. Presently they are working against those websites that feature child pornography. They have already been able to shut over 10,000 websites on the dark web to protest against child pornography.

The dark net has an underlying infrastructure called Freedom Hosting II, which supposedly has a zero tolerance policy for child pornography. However, in reality the server has more than 50 percent child porn and this has disappointed the Anonymous hacker. This server also hosts several scam sites and most of these are run to cover hosting expenses.

Various other targets

Anonymous is an internet based collective and does not have any leader and is operated by hackers sharing similar aims and ideals. Some of their other popular targets being Donald Trump, Westboro Baptist Church, several government agencies and so on.

When this Anonymous hacker discovered a number of child abuse sites directly linked to Freedom Hosting II they replaced the sites with warning messages and took down the entire network. Other than hacking, they also leaked information about stolen personal data, images that were up for sale. Vital information which they leaked was email addresses of several unverified US government.

Anonymous targets black web

Well, this is not the first time that group of digital vigilantes have decided to self regulate the lawless dark web. In 2011, Anonymous led a campaign called Operation Darknet and had targeted the same server to ban child pornography from the internet.

Recently, Anonymous also declared a war against the newly elected US president Donald Trump and threatened the government that the president would regret the next four years. The list doesn’t end here; this group of hackers has also targeted other controversial groups like Islamic State and Ku Klux Klan. The dark web has its own lawless market place and is known for selling credit card details, drugs, weapons, and several other illicit goods. This group called Anonymous has for years targeted various dark web browsers and was agitated for it recently upped its cyber security.

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