Atomically Thin Nano wires Convert Heat To Electricity More Efficiently

Atomically Thin Nano wires
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Getting the Best out of Atomically Thin Nano Wires

Researchers at Birmingham University have discovered a way to enhance the efficiency of Themorelectric wires by reducing their size and when I mean reducing their size I really mean it. These Atomically Thin Nano wires are just an atom thin and supposedly this thinness gives it a higher efficiency than when the material is used at its normal size.

Heat can be converted into electricity more efficiently than before with these atomically thin nano wires. This means that a lot more electricity will be generated from the same amount of heat. Not only will you get more electricity with less heat but also the discovery of atomically thin nano wires will open up new opportunities in the field of renewable energy.

Use of Thermoelectric materials in atomically thin nano wires:

Thermoelectric materials are much sought after as a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy because of their properties of converting waste heat into electricity.

Researchers have discovered that by shaping this material into atomically thin nano- wires then you could get the best out of them- that is maximum efficiency in converting waste heat into electricity. These atomically thin wires open up doors in creating sustainable energy.

How was the atomically thin nano wires discovered?

Scientists were conducting research into the crystallization of tin telluride in very thin nanotubes to help the material crystallize in their lowest dimensional form, when they discovered the increased efficiency of thermoelectric materials in atomically thin nano- wires.

In a joint theoretical as well as experimental research, scientists were able to not only establish a direct relation between the template and the resulting atomically thin nano wire size but also found out how this technique could be used to regulate thermoelectric efficiency of tin telluride formed into atomically thin nano- wires.

Unlike thermoelectric wires in three dimensional form, the atomically thin nano wires are able to conduct less heat and produce more electricity at the same time. This property of thermoelectric materials in atomically thin nano- wires yield a higher efficiency in converting heat to electricity than their three dimensional form.

The use of super computers and quantum mechanical programs have helped scientists predict the structures of these atomically thin nano- wires as well as their properties. Some scientists have also said that by discovering the abilities of these atomically thin nano- wires that we are really moving into the realms of “Picowires”.

New Opportunities for atomically thin nano wires:

Scientists have said that after having discovered the efficiency of atomically thin nano wires in generating electricity, this opens up new opportunities in the fields of thermoelectric generators.

Scientists are also looking for alternative materials to thermoelectric materials which are non- toxic and perform to the same level of efficiency like thermoelectric atomically thin nano- wires and maybe even more.

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