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Best Free Word Processors

Best Free Word Processors
Written by prodigitalweb

Best free word processors lets you easily generate digital documents without purchasing a software license. You can manage without a spreadsheet tool, but remember, text documents are unavoidable. Although there are several free word processing programs available, these don’t have as many features as paid-for software. People may face compatibility problems when they move document formats between software platforms, mainly when they import to Microsoft Word.

This article covers the best word processors that you can use offline, mainly these are ideal for distraction-free writing. If you want to do writing online, many browser-based tools can be used. Let’s have a look at the best word processors.

What is Word Processing Software?

It is an app you can use to capture, format, and edit any writing, like general thoughts, meeting notes, SOPs, or email drafts. You might think of typewriters instantly, but word-processing software can give you many more benefits. All credits go to the modern development of project management software, collaboration tools, & intuitive design. It lets you edit a document with your peers, arrange documents by category, share them via simple links, etc.

What are the Applications of Word Processing?

These apps are able to make almost any type of Word document. With the help of the Word Processor, you can easily write an eBook, blog post, journal, letter, memo, resume, marketing/business plan, etc.

Best Free Word Processors:

LibreOffice Writer:

This one is a fork of Apache OpenOffice. While this processor has more frequent updates, it includes a more lively user base. It has several impressive features. This one is such a software which is essential for any text-based work. Writer has two versions — wizards and templates for common document types like invoices & letters. Moreover, you can create your templates easily that can be used in future. This one can work together with the other office software in the respective suites. Therefore, for instance, it is possible to use Base to create a bibliography. This word processor is compatible with the most popular file formats. Besides, these export documents to PDF except using extra software. Are you looking for a word processor that can be an alternative to Microsoft Word? Then, this one is good to go.

It enables you to generate and edit documents. Besides, it has user-friendly word processing and publishing tools that come with a lot of features. These tools can easily craft entire books with contents, diagrams, indexes, etc. Now, customizing documents is possible with various styles & fonts so that every content becomes unique. Although spelling mistake is a problem previously faced, the LibreOffice autocorrect dictionary has removed it by checking the spelling as you type.

It uses autocomplete features and wizards to create standard documents easily. This is one of the most comprehensive functionalities the processor has. With the help of these features, you can make short work of documents such as letters, faxes, agendas and minutes, & mail merges.

The desktop database can offer native support to multi-user database engines, including MySQL/MariaDB, Adabas D, MS Access, & PostgreSQL. In the database, wizards allow new users to generate tables, queries, forms, & reports. And the special thing is that to use this software you don’t even need previous experience in software design. LibreOffice lets you collaborate when you share & edit documents with other users. It has updated the collaboration functionality so that it becomes more seamless. This one comes with some enhanced tracking changes clearing the modifications.

You can undoubtedly go for this all-in-one word processor as it comes with a few processing and publishing software, such as:

Math: for math equations and formulas

Calc: for spreadsheets

Impress: for presentations

Draw: for graphic documents

This software supports several formats & syncs across various OSs, like Microsoft Windows, macOS and macOS X, GNU & Linux, Android, etc.

Google Docs:

If you talk about free word processing, the obvious name that comes to mind is Google Docs. This one can save your work automatically. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about when the connection fails. If you are looking for a word processor to use for collaborative work, Google Docs is a great option. It removes the hassle of uploading work to another cloud storage service.

But the template section is limited. Moreover, there does not exist any way to import content from other Google applications. When you import, it will suffer from formatting problems. No other word processor in this list can offer seamless collaboration like Google Docs. It enables you to edit a document with as many people as you want in real-time. The word processor lets you use comments, suggestions, or action items.

It even allows you to collaborate on several file types like Word and PDF documents to simplify collaboration. People can use assistive features on other types of files and import PDFs to edit immediately. Different assistive features are beneficial on mobile, tablet, & desktop. For instance, Smart Compose lets you write more quickly with fewer errors and helps to save time. This one comes with spelling & grammar features such as voice typing, and quick document translation.

Do you want to customize this for maximum performance? Don’t worry, as with this word processor, you can access different third-party apps. Users can open both e-signature and project management tools directly from Docs. This Word Processor can save edits in the version history in an automatic way. Therefore, any person is able to track or undo changes. Additionally, it allows users to work offline without an internet connection. With the help of Google Docs, you can save documents to the cloud.

WPS Office Free writer:

Have you already used a modern version of Microsoft Word? Then, you must like WPS Office Free Writer. When you use the free version, you will get the feeling of its premium counterpart. Discrete ads exist in the WPS Office Writer, and you can remove them only when you upgrade to the premium version. You will not find any feature locked behind a paywall. Above all, we can say that this word processor is the best one available to download.

It comes with a free PDF-to-Word converter, which is a great assistant to its processor. This Word Processor allows you to perform editing, fill-in, annotation, text comment, & export annotation. If someone wants to access PDF signature, document merging, splitting, & text extraction, they must purchase the premium desktop version. Users are able to edit a PDF document like they edit a Word document when they use the free desktop tools.

The processor is equipped with a free browser version enabling you to upload PDF documents. Therefore, you can sign, split, merge, compress, and convert PDF to Word, like:

  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to PPT
  • JPG to PDF

Its free desktop version gives you access to team collaboration features, with the help of which you can synchronize & collaborate on Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. It is also possible to track changes and set edit permissions to protect data. There is an awesome document management tool used to recognize various file sources from different drives. You can use advanced search functions also for finding content keywords & file types.

Customizing the innovative design with the word processor is possible due to the availability of over 100,000 templates which make sure that your document will stand out easily. It contains templates in categories used to write, present and spreadsheet. As a result, you can template work documents like resumes, project plans, reports, & courseware. This one of the best free word processors for PC supports thirteen languages on desktop and over forty-six languages on mobile and lets you collaborate efficiently with international teams.


This one is an all-in-one productivity software used to centralize their work into a collaborative platform. It is popular for its wide range of customizable features. For instance, there exists a default document editor which lets you generate simple to-do lists, detailed wikis, etc. After that, your task is to connect these to the workflow directly. It lets you convert text into actionable tasks. Besides, this one of the best free word processors is perfect for students, teams, and enterprise companies.


This AI-powered writing assistant enables users to recognize and fix grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. It gives suggestions when you use desktop apps or websites like Gmail, ClickUp, LinkedIn, Google Docs, etc. Besides, Grammarly offers feedback in real-time when you write so that you can improve this instantly. Additionally, a deep understanding of grammar topics ensures that the upcoming report will be professional. Moreover, Grammarly creates powerful content.

Dropbox Paper:

If you are willing to start a project easily, Dropbox Paper is the one you can choose. It comes with a drag–and–drop feature that permits the users to break down complex tasks into easily manageable ones. When you invite your team members to collaborate on projects, all of them can contribute to the conversation.

Everyone can comment on every other’s work in real time.

You can generate a hub for other docs with the help of the Master Doc feature. Regarding complex or long-term projects, organizing documents can increase productivity. Now, it becomes easier to access the related documents & manage them by generating links. There is no need to give additional time to look for files.


It is an efficient document-based workspace that you can use for your notes, tasks, documents, & databases. This versatile tool can track details like project milestones, task reminders, personal ideas and travel plans. With the help of the OS of this word processor, you can easily organize those tasks which you are required to keep track of. The drag-and-drop interface lets you set up custom workspaces required for your project. With the help of Notion, you can link between various databases & notes. Additionally, it lets you generate checklists, embed media, etc.


This strong document editor is used to generate and manage content. It allows you to generate documents from scratch, edit existing ones, track changes, collaborate with others in real time, and share them securely. This one is equipped with several tools using which you can write fluently and perform other tasks like text formatting, image editing, tables, & hyperlinks. This editor has preloaded collaboration features allowing you to join in on projects & discuss changes. The simple-to-use interface makes the processor a unique option for those who want to build professional documents.


Are you looking for an online note-taking application that can make you more organized than previously? Then, Evernote is a good choice because it allows you to store anything like text-based notes, images, videos, and audio recordings. Adding reminders and reading web pages offline are also possible. This Word Processor supports different platforms like phones. Moreover, this one includes a Web Clipper browser extension.

Using this one of the best free word processors, you can easily manage the details of different types of projects. Evernote allows you to brainstorm new content ideas or plan a business meeting. You are able to capture, organize & sync all your information. Searchable tags, and categories ensure that you can easily find what you need.

Other Best Free Word Processor Apps:

1) OpenOffice Writer:

This one is the best processor app that you can use to compose Word documents for free. This processing software allows you to compose and edit Word documents. This one is compatible with both Doc and ODT formats.

2) Apple Pages:

If you want to compose documents on Mac devices, you should choose this option. With the help of the Mac word processing document, you are able to generate documents online on Mac devices. It allows live collaboration between remote team members. Various free templates can be chosen to generate professional-looking documents for free.

3) SmartEdit

Do you want to compose research articles, novels, & short stories for free? Then, you should choose SmartEdit Writer, which can be used on Windows. It is advantageous for creative writers & researchers. This one of the best free word processors for writers lets you save research notes to store all references.

4) AbiWord:

It is a good option if you want to compose Word documents on Linux devices. This one of best free word processors for Linux is compatible with advanced word editing features like tables, bullets, footnotes, endnotes, & images. The special thing about this tool is that it allows you to open MS Word documents, WordPerfect documents, RTF, HTML, OpenOffice, and other formats.

5) SSuite WordGraph Editor:

It is a good option for those who want to compose documents on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. This editor is compatible with current and legacy OSs, including Windows NT, 2000, and XP. Besides, it is able to open RTF, DOC, TXT, RTC, & SSP files. Generating PDF documents is possible without installing a plugin.

6) Zoho Writer:

You can use this one of the best free word processors to create & collaborate on Word documents. This one comes with a crisp workspace letting you focus on writing documents. You can get several features in this app, including a free Writing Assistant for grammar & readability suggestions, feedback review, WordPress, & CRM integration.

7) AbleWord:

It is one of the best free word processors for windows. Its UI is similar to the free Wordpad Windows software. MS Doc, Docx, Pdf, Html files, and many other formats are supported by this tool.

8) Jarte:

It is the best option for those who want to compose documents with basic formatting. You don’t need to install this software. After downloading this, you can use it.

Things to Look for in Word Processing Software:

We have given here the list containing features that must be present in the word-processing software:

Ease of use: The software must be easy to learn. Besides, it should enable you to share with others and support your most-used functions.

Cloud-based and a reliable offline mode: Sometimes, it may happen that you have lost your wifi connection or need to switch devices or you need to share documents on the spot.

The functionality of cloud-based software & offline makes sure that these will not be an issue.

Collaboration features: With the help of these features, it is possible to edit documents & develop them in real time with the team. It will be an extra advantage if the tool allows you to tag your team or comment on your text.

Custom permissions & sharing: Do you need to often work with stakeholders, clients, or other departments? Then, you must select one of the best free word processors which gives the ability to choose who can edit, view, or give access to the work.

Version history: By chance, if you make a mistake, you will be capable of returning & restoring your text.

Integrations: More integration allows you to pull more information into your documents. When your preferred processing software has multiple integrations, you can access the documents from any other tool virtually.


Remember that before you make your final decision regarding choosing one of the best free word processors, it is necessary to determine your requirements. If you use free platforms, there is a chance to get basic options. So, to enjoy the advanced tools, it is essential to look for a paid platform. If it comes to talking about the variety of tools, free as well as budget-friendly software options can be limited. You can use higher-end software to meet each requirement. Therefore, ensure that you have determined which features you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four functions of Word processing?

Composing, saving, editing, and printing are the four primary functions of Word processing.

What are the advantages of Word processing software?

It can provide several advantages compared to its alternatives. For instance, you can type in this processing software more easily than writing on paper by hand. Moreover, word processing software comes with more formatting options than typing on a typewriter or writing by hand.

Does Windows 10 come with any free word processing program?

WordPad is the free word processing app for Windows 10. But this one is incompatible with advanced functionalities like footnotes, endnotes, and a spelling and grammar checker.


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