Best Makeup Apps for a Whole New You

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Human cannot be compared to butterflies that have the option of undergoing the period of hibernation during spring and emerge as beautiful as possible. It is not easy of us to emulate and be as beautiful like a butterfly.

Spring is one season which floods the markets with never ending topics on spring looks and YouTube loaded with videos to get that perfect look. Most of time it is not easy for the people to get that perfect look, as it requires lot of money and also a professional makeup artist.

Even though this technology has been known for using and identifying criminals and to secure data however, one of the advantages of this technology is also there for the common people. Using this expertise now it is easy to achieve a sharper look using a click. Now selfies can be morphe without anyone of your friend knowing that there has been any kind of technology used.

Makeover apps:

These have the ability to change the way you can look and also influence the way you feel about yourself and others. One the same thought, a new Makeup Apps has been launched by the Look Good Feel Better organization to make the cancer patients regain their confidence in themselves.

This Makeup Apps will help them to deal with their medications and potential effects of the cancer treatments. Every person might have their own reasons for using these kinds of Makeup apps but at the end at that matter is the look:

  1. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius:

This makeup apps is Android and iOS based and most correctly named. With this makeup apps the user does not need a selfie but they can convert their phone into exclusive mirror. With the help of these apps you can check the lip color, eye shadow that you like and readily place order to get these products from the L’Oreal store. Only drawback being that the user will not be able to check the quality of the products.

  1. Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover:

This makeup apps also gives a complete makeover and currently iOS and Android based. New looks can be tried just by uploading the image directly in the app. The makeup apps gives a wide range of products including nail fine art. Not only you can purchase the products but also save and share the images.

  1. Modiface Photo Editor:

This makeup apps not only allows the users to try on makeup but they can enhance their features like nose job or a face reconstruction. User have the option to save the images.

  1. Perfect 365:

This makeup apps is combination of photo retoucher and makeover. Users can change the color of their hair and get the looks created by the professionals.

  1. LGFB Beauty:

As mentioned earlier this app has been launched primarily to make the cancer patients regain their confidence. The organization has started a Look Good Feel Better program.

  1. YouCam Makeup:

This makeup apps has been developed on iOS and Android. Through this app the user can glamorize their selfies and do much more experiments with their acnes and blemishes. Try out different color, eyebrow and makeup among others.


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