Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies in 2021

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies in 2020
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In this modern world, people love taking selfies to share them on social media or to store them as special memories. Not only that, but people will also have different reasons to love selfies that generally depend on the individual. However, if you are a selfie freak who loves to take selfies and love to edit them to share them on Social Media Platforms. Then you will always check out for the best photo editing apps for Selfies in 2020.

Usually, there are a hell lot of photo editing apps for Selfies in the Google play store and App stores. If you spend time searching for the best photo editing apps for selfies then you have to spend a lot of time on it. Therefore, to remove all that stress we have come up with the best photo editing apps for selfies in 2020 post.

9 Best photo editing apps for Selfies in 2020:

In this post, we will display all the best selfie camera apps that help edit your selfies. The apps that are listed on this post do have many effects. So, you will have lots of fun with this special photo editing app.

Let us get into the best photo editing apps for selfies in the 2020 post.

  1. Candy Camera – Selfie Camera, Photo Editor App:

Candy Camera is one of the most popular photo editor apps for selfies in 2020. This is a special app that lets you take a selfie with gorgeous effects. Candy Camera has some amazing filters that people love to use every day.

If you are a selfie freak, who loves to share images online? Then you should check out this special app as it is having a lot of features you love. Some of the best features I love to use on this app is Filters for Selfies. You can get loads of stickers you love and even use its silent camera to capture silent selfies.

Along with these, you can also use its collage feature. In this feature, you can use multiple photos and edit them into one college photo. This special app has nearly 4.4 rating and many reviews in Google Play Store.


  • Candy Camera has numerous beauty functions such as blush, concealer, slimming, face effect and more.
  • You can check out a wide range of special stickers and filters in this app.
  • It has a silent camera that lets you take silent selfies, snapshots and more.
  • You can use popular filters such as every day, Rainy Day, fresh face, Sweet Candy and more.


  • This app doesn’t have video capturing capabilities that disappoint most of the people.
  • Some of the editing tools and features in this candy camera come under premium features because of that we can take it as another drawback.
  1. Face Tune: Selfie Camera and Photo editing tool:

Face tune is quite a popular tool among the selfie freaks. If you did not try this app yet? Then, you should try it out. I am saying that because face tune 2 is one of the trending apps in 2020. This app can correct skin defects of your selfies seamlessly with its built-in retouching tools.

Face tune 2 is a sequel of the award-winning face tune selfie editor app. This second version of face tune has robust features that people love to use such as makeup applications, eyes brightening features, teeth whitening feature saturation adjustment and so on.

Along with these sparkling features, this face tune 2 has other professional features such as Smooth out your skin feature, artistic tools, re-adjustment tool, colourful light effects and different makeup brushes to retouch your skin and hair. By having a glance at these features, I have listed this special app on this list of best photo editing apps for Selfies in 2020 list.


  • Face Tune 2 has more editing tools and features than its competitors.
  • It provides some helpful tips to edit your selfies.
  • Because of its best retouching features I have mentioned it on the list.
  • Quick and very easy to edit selfies
  • Simple swipe interface helps users to smoothly use this app.


  • Its expensive premium filters and features hurt users.
  • This has limited social media integration so some people dont love this app.
  1. Airbrush: Best Selfie editing app

If you love to edit your selfies with a special app that gives your photos perfection? Then Airbrush is the best option for 2020. Airbrush is a lovely tool that is helpful to edit selfies with its fine-tuned filter technology.

I particularly love its blemish and pimple removal feature as it gives perfect results. Unlike other apps, you will not find any over-correction or might see any cake faced baby doll. In this app, you will see the perfect result with perfection just because of its advanced technological image enhancement features.  This app is specially crafted with amazing filter options, retouch tools, image correction tools and so on.

With this airbrush app, you can simply import your photos, make edits and share your photos on different social media platforms. If you use Airbrush, you will get rid of the wrinkles, spots, pimple remover and so on.

Simply save your selfie to your camera roll once you have done the edits. This special app is available in both Google play store and Apple App store as well. Airbrush app has some great user base and 4.7 ratings in Google Play store.


  • It is best for editing selfies with perfection.
  • You can add depth and style to your photos.
  • With the real-time editing technology, you can edit the gorgeous image with ease.
  • Natural and radiant features loved by the users.


  • This app has issues with new features that are yet to be resolved.
  1. Perfect 365: The Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies Particularly for Vloggers:

Perfect 365 is a special app that is loved by females, particularly who like to take selfies. This app is a complete package of beautification features that help girls to fine-tune their selfies. With this app, you can make over yourself hassle-free.

To edit your selfie all you have to do is select the style you love and click apply on the interface to quickly apply that feature. In this app, you can quickly fix all the hair, lips, and skin shapes with its advanced beautify features. Perfect 365 provides 20 different tools for your makeup activities.

You can use the high-quality colour palette and can try different combinations to choose which one suits your image. The remarkable feature of this app is its facial recognition function, with that, you can achieve accurate makeup. You can see some fewer ads in the free section but it’s perfectly useful for professional makeup artists.


  • This app has 20 different tools to do makeup for your selfie.
  • It has accurate photo editing options.
  • Different presets and filters helps you.
  • This app has a video tutorial to help you out.


  • This app makes your face automatically slimmer.
  • Some of the features will have a weird look.
  1. Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- B612:

Most of you might already hear about the B612 as its one of the trending photo editing apps in 2020. This app has some ravishing features that are loved by lots of users. If you are selfie lover who is striving to check out the best photo editing apps for selfies then this should be on that list because of its features.

This special app has over 1500-diverse stickers that can be used to create a cute image. It’ real-time beauty effect gets a great shot at once. With this app, you can pair your videos with the exciting tune, even add all the diverse effects to your video, and set the playback speed for the video as well.

In case you find yourself overwhelmed with these features means you B612 can help you out in finding the best filter for your selfie automatically. This app always remembers the most used filters that you used and displays them with new filters.


  • This app has some amazing filters to enhance your selfies.
  • Use the app “tilt-shift effect” to create a shallow depth image.
  • This app supports autofocus technology that helps in getting sharper images and more.
  • You can use the vignette feature in this app.
  • Collage features is another great feature where you are having an option to create 3D photos as well.


  • The image resolution is poor when compared to the other sites.
  • Using the B612 app is difficult because of that you need to check the tutorial to work on.
  1. Retrica- Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies:

Retrica is another amazing app that has a large number of filters that are used by selfie lovers. This is popularly known as the best new selfie app that offers great filters. With this Retrica tool, you can create different photos in a different direction along with the GIF image.

Retrica photo editing app has great artistic and creative features that are easy to use. This app is having a simple user interface with the enhanced user interface. You can find a camera filter for all the occasions.

Apart from these features, Retrica helps you to send your pictures on different social media networks with ease. This app helps you to communicate with other Users following their pictures.


  • You can find plenty of filters in this special app.
  • It supports video and GIF images.
  • You can share images and selfies in social media channels.
  • There is a possibility of communication with other selfie fans.


  • The major drawback of this app is saving images.
  • It has less image editing tools.
  1. Snap Chat:

Snap chat is the most popular social network in the world. Do you know that with snap chat you can edit your selfies and make them better? If you don’t, then you have to use snap chat for editing purposes.

Snapchat provides great lenses and filters that are best to use. In this social network, you can remove “Bitmoji” and “Word Lenses”. This special network helps you to delete your image after some time so that it will be visible only for the person you send it.

Snap chat is a free selfie app that helps you to take the “Lazy Selfie” the fabulous option people love to use. You can use Snapchat lenses, cute puppy animations and so on. For that, you have to join the snap chat and start using the features.


  • Easily communicate with other users.
  • Use lenses for your selfies.
  • Make use of all the special filters.
  • You can create 3D Bitmoji through Snapchat.
  • Quickly do video chat with up to the 16 people.


  • Interruptions in the video chats make users frustrated.
  • Snapchat has deleted some of the popular masks.
  1. YouCam Perfect:

YouCam Perfect is another impressive app in this list of best photo editing apps for selfies in 2020 list. If you are a user who loves to take an ideal selfie and edit then with perfection means you have to check out YouCam Perfect.

This is one of the best apps that help you edit a wide range of selfies. You can perform automatic decoration options for your photos as well. It has some great features such as eye-enhancer function; remove pimples feature, blush feature, stickers, collages, fonts and other special effects.

YouCam multi-face editing and real-time beauty camera are the fabulous features on the list of its features. With this tool, you can choose different beautification levels starting from Level 1- 6. Here this level indicates the beautification level and it will handle according to the level.

It is good for close-up selfies and group selfies mainly because of its useful features. In addition, You can even use the magic mirror on your pocket to capture some best shots.


  • The best feature in youcam perfect is its smile feature that enables auto-clicking of the group.
  • This app has multi-face detection technology that simply enables every face in this room.
  • Eye bag removal is another thing you can add as pros.
  • Beauty circle is another outstanding feature is Youcam.


  • The main drawback of this app is it has plenty of ads to deal with.
  • It also has loads of in-app purchase options.
  1. Cymera:

Cymera is another popular camera app for editing your selfie seamlessly. This cymera has loads of features that help you correct your selfie with image corrections. Cymera has around 200+ different kinds of makeup items and other stylish hair options.

This app has a plethora of features along with that it has improvements in picture resolution. Therefore, you can quickly use this app to perfect your selfies. With this camera, you can beautify your images insta fit your images and Deco items as well.


  • This app has some exciting camera lenses that can attract anyone.
  • It has a huge collection of photo-enhanced features like Anti-Share, Filter package, automatic face recognition.
  • This app supports nearly 10+ languages.


  • It’s a bit overwhelming for newbies to edit the photo without proper knowledge on the Cymera interface.
  • There are no colour saturation and adjustment features available in that app.


These are the best photo editing apps for Selfies in 2020 you should know about. These entire apps are having different features and capabilities, we have listed this app according to the special features and unique aspects. Therefore, you can enjoy this list of best photo editing apps for a selfie in 2020 for now. I will be back with more refreshing articles

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