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Email Marketing Success: Know the Basics before You Begin

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An email marketing campaign comes in various forms and sizes. Learning how to design a campaign that suits your business initiatives is paramount for marketing success. A considerable portion of online revenue is generated from email marketing, so it’s important for today’s traditional and online businesses to market across this viable channel. If you are considering launching an email marketing campaign, be sure to keep these useful tips in mind.

Select Software

When you’re generating a traditional mail campaign, you naturally need the right tools for the job–applicable computer equipment and the best printer for envelopes. Similarly, you need some ideal tools for an email campaign. According to experts, it’s vital to have email marketing software that may include easy-to-fill-in templates and a software vendor that is willing to send out your emails from its servers as a service. This software also offers analytics so you can gauge how effective your email campaign actually is–and with what demographics.

Build Your Email List

Businesses can increase their success by effectively communicating with customers–and email is a great way to do that. However, you should get “permission” to send email to customers and potential customers first. You can do this by building your email list and asking people to sign up. Be sure to make them aware that you do not spam and plan to use the email channel to keep them informed about important information like sales and to send out incentives.

Engaging Content

Naturally, the message you choose to submit via email is important. A professionally crafted message is ideal, but if you are creating your own content, be sure to keep your message simple and your call-to-action clear. You definitely don’t want to bombard your recipients with dense blocks of text that they aren’t apt to read. You also don’t want to stuff your emails with images that are going to take too long to load. A sleek, well-designed email is imperative. Also, be sure that you aren’t overdoing it with email. If you send to many messages that do not contain extremely relevant information or great incentives (i.e. digital coupons, half-off sales), then your potential customer base may opt to block your messages.

Personalize Your Email

If you have a mailing list, be sure to use it to personalize your messages. It’s also helpful if you can insert personalized recommendations into your emails–especially with customers who have purchased your merchandise or services in the past. Studies have shown that personalized email marketing campaigns can increase conversion rates anywhere from 15-20%. That’s significant increase just by switching from generic messaging to personal messaging.

Test Your Emails

Once you have your message crafted, it’s important to test it out before you launch it to everyone on your email list. Testing will tell you if your message looks good on mobile, if it loads quickly, or if it’s destined for the spam filter. When you take the time to test, and you should with every mailing, you can ensure that your email campaign runs without a hitch.

When you keep these basics in mind, you can count on a more successful campaign. Be sure to assess the success rate of each campaign so you can continually tweak it for improved results.

Kimberly Barnes works as a marketing consultant. She loves to share her insights on the web. You can find her posts on a variety of marketing blog sites.


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