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Feuerwear in test: Bags from old fire hose

Written by Andy Prosper

The company Feuerwear is the focus today and fits in the everyday life of every gadget fan with its stylish products. With its selection of bags and accessories, the manufacturer ensures security and order for smartphones, tablets, notebooks or other things that you carry around with you. The whole thing is made especially by the fact that Feuerwear – as the name already suggests – is wielded with patterned fire-fighting hoses and these are processed into high-quality bags, backpacks or accessories. We have looked at the messenger bag “Walter” and the smartphone sleeve “Mitch” more precisely.

Upcycling is a relevant term that is often heard and read in connection with Feuerwear. Thus, the brothers Martin and Robert Kusener are inspired by the mission to design sustainable fashion. Martin is responsible for sophisticated products, which are made from the material of fire-fighting hoses. These are particularly well suited for this purpose since they are extremely robust and have been pulled through mud and gravel at times of their active use, they have defiled fire and heat and moved several thousand cubic meters of water inside. Brother Robert is responsible for cost-effectiveness and enables continuous up-to-date products.

We’ve heard of Feuerwear many months ago and thought the idea was good. Now we could finally make our own picture of the uniqueness of Feuerwear and would like to tell you in the following review what we think of the shoulder bag “Walter” and the smartphone sleeve. And here the young company is already sympathetic t us, since it baptizes each of its products in its own name. But now more to Walter and Mitch.

Feuerwear: Shoulder bag is Durable & Robust

The aim of Feuerwear is to create durable products. The basic material of the firefighting hose already has good conditions, since it must withstand not only enormous pressure in active use but must also be extremely robust against cuts, any form of debris and especially heat. A hose is sorted out at the fire brigade for many reasons – often due to leaks that would not be able to withstand high pressure, or because of safety regulations which require a hose to be kept in active use only for a certain period of time.

If the hoses are sorted out, Firewear comes to the train and selects suitable copies, cleans them and cuts them right. In manual work, the hose parts are then sewn into backpacks, accessories or, in our case, bags and sleeves. A subsequent test ensures the high-quality standards that Feuerwear promises and can also hold. The finished product is unique in every case! But now let’s take a closer look at our new shoulder bag named Walter.

Messenger bag in white, black and red – soon also in neon yellow!

Walter is available in red, white or black – in production, there are also neo yellow variants. We deliberately chose a red model, as the typical color of the fire brigade and the hose material used was the most obvious. While there are red and white fire hoses, the hose is simply turned to the left in the black version. When we first held the Shoulder Bag from Feuerwear, we immediately noticed the high-quality materials and particularly the former fire hose. Here, the manufacturer has done really good work and ensures a well-processed product, which can also be turned off in the dirt. The outdoor and used look appeals to us very much and conveys not only the experiences, which the hose already had behind, but also makes fun with touching and carrying the bag.

While the main material is the old fire hose, side cloth was used, which is often used in cars and panels. As a carrying strap of the shoulder bag, Feuerwear is used by Walter for safety belts, which are also found in motor vehicles. At this point it must be said, the overall picture together with processing and quality is what really makes it – very appealing! On the outside of the bag is a large surface with Velcro fastener to securely hold the cover of the shoulder bag in many positions. So it can also be packed a bit full – you get the bag in almost any case. The shoulder strap is length-adjustable and was no problem in my personal test with a body size of 195 centimeters. A comfortable carrying was possible, even with the heavily loaded bag.

Enough space for all important things in everyday life

The possibilities offered by the key scouts as well as the two penholders were also accepted with gratitude. Space for a small snack and the 0.5-liter drinking bottle was still available. Lots of things, which are safely kept safe, were put into the zippered compartment at the front, just behind the cover of the bag.

All in all, Feuerwear Walter was well placed in our everyday life and offered enough storage space for all the items we had otherwise placed in our backpack. The different subjects we liked and especially the quality and the high-quality workmanship could score points. If you are looking for a unique handbag and look for a shoulder bag with character and high quality, which is not off the shelf, the one that is right at Feuerwear is just right.

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