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Sobro – A Table with built-in refrigerator

Written by Andy Prosper

While we write daily about the most diverse products that are becoming smarter, furniture pieces seem to be less affected by this digital change. The company StoreBound has also thought of this and calls it ‘Sobro’ a living room table into the life, which is stuffed with technology and the term “smart” definitely in any case. The highlight: the built-in refrigerator for beer, sparkling wine and soft drinks.

Gadgets for the apartment are always something great! The Sobro living room table could become just that, but at first sight, the piece of furniture looks rather inconspicuous. The large gadget comes in white color and convinces with high-quality materials and a black glass plate on the top. Already here, people can notice the buttons, which are visible to the user on the right side. But even more. With the name of the manufacturer that Sobro is a piece of furniture of the future, first ideas come into the mind of the beholder.

Sobro – from the loudspeaker to the fridge

Sobro is particularly interesting when we gaze it closer. It quickly becomes apparent that there are USB ports on the side. These are designed to power external devices such as tablets or smartphones. Very practical, because everyone was ever in the situation, that on the sofa while relaxing and chilling suddenly the mobile phone battery slack. If you open the drawers and drawers of Sobro, cool air flows in when the cooler is active. This is probably due to the integrated refrigerator, which is there to cool cool food for nibbling on television or to keep the celebration in the evening with cold beer.

Likewise on board is a Bluetooth loudspeaker, which according to manufacturers offer a lot of sound volume and thus also deep basses. The living room table serves as a sound body. The control unit, which is located on the upper glass front, can also be used to operate the processed LED strips. These can be adjusted in terms of color and intensity according to your mood and mood. The right atmosphere between an action film and romance is therefore only a few fingertips away.

Via Bluetooth one can connect to the TV as long as this supports the new function also. You can also use the TV in the future with the furniture. However, we see the table as not a full-fledged remote and totally impractical – the simple handle to the ordinary control unit, which is mostly on the armrest, is faster and would be more comfortable for us. In addition to normal USB ports, the manufacturer also has two slots for wall plugs. So here also the notebook can be connected or the Beamer gets itself there his current, while he places on the table pictures to the wall.

Digital living room table

All in all, the processing quality should convince the customer. The manufacturer has placed great emphasis on materials and quality – the pictures on the campaign side are promising. We look forward to seeing you for the first time at the trade fair. The cost point for all interested supporters is about 600 Euro as an early bird. In the following, you can make your own image of Sobro with the appropriate image video.

If you are looking for a living room with a fridge and would like to build it quickly and in the entrance, you could buy a flat mini-fridge and place it on the top with a wooden or glass plate. Although not as smart as Sobro, but functional! The refrigerator also serves as a shelf unit.

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