Dali’s Katch a Beautiful Bluetooth Speaker for Audiophiles

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Katch Loudspeaker With Incredible Rich Sound/Amazing Compact Chassis

Setting new standards in portable audio, the new Katch is said to be the vital example of Dali’s advanced digital technology.  With the know-how of its unique design it has brought both the elements together in the creation of a loudspeaker with incredible rich sound in an amazing compact chassis.

Danish company popularly known for manufacturing high-end hi-fis has now decided to alter the audio engineering excellences to a much smaller speaker. Recognized for their amazing loudspeakers, Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries will be taking their show on the road with Dali Katch Portable Speaker.

Its body is finished from extruded aluminium and tends to hold a 2 x 18W Class-D amplifier. The Katch is said to be a home to a pair of 21mm soft dome tweeters together with 2 aluminium woofers.  The Katch comes with two audio profiles where one is for table top tune while the other for on-the-shelf sounds. The later tends to make use of nearby walls to spring back the waves which make it appropriate for party starters.


The Dali Katch is battery powered Bluetooth 4.0 and tends to run for around 24 hours per single charge.  It has a build-in sliding leather strap for the purpose of maximum portability.

Enhanced Quality of Apt-X

Enfolded in a sophisticatedly rounded compact casing, this specially designed driver tends to provide the audio signal from the internal digital amplifier. It can be easily connected through Bluetooth and the possibility of enjoying the enhanced audio quality of Apt-X with support.  Moreover it also supports analogue input through mini-jack.


A USB charge output has been included considering that the user would bring Dali Katch on the road, to keep the phone or tablet charged, to enjoy while on the road.  It comes in three different colour schemes namely Dark Shadow, Cloud Gray and Green Moss which tends to blend with ease in any given environment.  The included leather strap is easy and comfortable to be carried along with the Dali Katch.


Being a portable speaker, the Dali Katch can be utilised in a large variant of situations.  It has two audio profiles which provide the best results in any scenario, one of which is optimized for a linear more neutral frequency response appropriate for listening while the other tends to have added warmth and works impeccably when played in large rooms or when in need of that little extra melody.

Mini-Jack Input – Auto-Sensing

Getting music to the Dali Katch is simple as getting connected to a Bluetooth wherein you could link traditionally or utilise NFC for swift easy connection.  Due to the built-in Bluetooth 4.0, receiver tends to accept Apt-X connection with the capability of the source device.  The Dali Katch tends to have a stereo mini-jack input as asubstitutepossibility.  This tends to make it easy to connect to non-Bluetooth devices.

The mini-jack input is said to be an auto-sensing eliminating the requirement of extra button presses in order to play music.  On pressing the Bluetooth button having the mini-jack connected would permit the possibility of toggling between the input of the mini-jack and Bluetooth.

Besides the mini-jack input lies the USB charge connector together with the power connector wherein the USB charge connector enables the user to charge the music device while on the go as well to drive a Chromecast Audio dongle for stress-free home network assimilation.

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