How to Enable Friendly Access Log Times in Apache

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Apache Access Logs – Value from Log Analytics

What can be done with an Apache access logs or NGinx access logs? A team of experts and evangelist have developed a deeper pool of log analytics knowledge and with their innovative and creative new cases have created an improved insight on how to gain value from log analytics. Most of it tends to come from access logs, Nginx or apache access logs.  Access logs have been normally utilised and tends to be easy to collect.Irrespective of whether one is utilising Apache and have apache access logs or NGinx or even any other technology for gathering them, their content seems to be the same namely a time stamp, an action and a few technical information like the status code, client browser, response time, etc.

Apache access logs just like NGinx tends to, comprise of everything that is needed and the logs are generally presented like fresh event though one can transform them with ease into an organized object.  Apache access is said to log as a structured event. It is a record of events which has taken place on your Apache web server.

Access Log/Error Log

It seems to store two types of logs namely `Access Log’ which tends to comprise of information regarding requests that come to the web server. This statistics could contain the pages that user tend to be viewing, success status of request together with the duration the request took to reply.  The other is `Error Log’, which comprises of information related to errors which the web server comes across while processing the requests when files tend to be missing.

The access and error log files are said to be stored on individual web servers and the precise location of one’s Apache logs tend to be subject to your operating system. Similar to other sources, access logs have a tendency to have a wealth of knowledge and even if the logs are naturally protected in the tech systems, they seem to produce countrywide significance.Some of the best practices which one can get directly from access logs are:

Proactive troubleshooting for an improved user experience – Monitor response time

Much has been printed regarding it and it is known fact that the website response time tends to have a substantial influence on the traffic and sales.  Monitoring the performance of the website is likely to go much beyond the technical requirements.

Tracking errors and broken links

Several companies tend to have their apps available to their users as well as their suppliers together with their partners to fluidify contacts and as the amount of these contacts seem to upsurge it, becomes a challenge to have a 360 degree vision on what wouldoccur in the dominion.  On the app status, the errors and broken links provide the user with real time feedback wherein a profound study offers precise useful indications on what seems to be going on.

Access logs provide business value

Web data solutions which are most usually utilised, like Google analytics tends to offer accumulated data.  When the requirement of obtaining added fine-grained details regarding precise feature or usage arises, the information does not seem to be there. Obtaining the details with regards to precise feature practice is for instance useful in the authentication of new product growths.

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