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Free Online Radio

Free Online Radio
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Apple Music and Spotify are some streaming services that have revolutionized the way we listen to music but they are not free online radio. But still, radio has many audiences, resulting in new hit songs coming through radio stations. The best platform is on line radio, where you can listen to curated music to continue with the recent music trends. However,

Several mainstream radio stations are very repetitive. It is one of the reasons behind the rise of internet radio stations allowing you to listen to the radio online.

What is radio?

The radio comes from the Latin radius, which indicates stream. The term is used as a shortcut for radio receivers or broadcast receivers. As a result, you can receive radio broadcasts. People should receive radio via terrestrial broadcasting using electromagnetic waves or broadband cable as high-frequency electrical signals.

These transmitted signals are later converted into sound, offering regular information. A similar principle needs to be followed for antenna and cable television. While radio indicates the device, it also indicates radio stations like National Public Radio (NPR), News Radio 1000 AM, etc.

Radio was invented at the start of the 20th century. It represents the oldest digital mass media. While we can see the improvement of technology at present.

Along with the technical progress, we can see a huge variety of online offers. Nowadays FM stations have included an extensive array of web radio. At present, we can notice that almost every FM station is offering an online radio stream. There exist several web-only stations devoted to a certain genre or topic. These provide their listeners with a particular program.

What Is A Free Internet Radio Station?

An online radio station refers to a live broadcast or recorded show streamed through the web. What is special about these radio stations is that they are unrestricted to geographic locations. It’s not like radio stations listened to on DAB & analogue radios. BBC Radio 2, an internet radio UK station has plenty of listeners across the world via the online radio station.

These are of the best quality than any traditional radio station. Several free online radio  stations are excellent places for gaining inspiration. So, are you thinking where can I listen to free online radio ? Let’s check out the list of the best online radio stations.

Best Free Online Radio Stations:

Worldwide FM:

It has listeners from the entire world. This station works as an internet radio UK in London. However, it has partner offices in Kyoto, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, and Rio.

You can get immersed in the underground music scenes and music cultures from the entire world. DJ Gilles Peterson established the station, and it came with several segments, from live music sessions to in-depth discussions. Several global ambassadors are invited to its HQ.


This one comes with plenty of features & options you’re bound to find useful. It is even possible to start this off quickly. Besides, it comes with a simple button allowing you to pick out a few favorite genres of music easily. It can provide the most suitable radio stations you prefer depending on your preferences.


It plays an exciting blend of classic hits. These have gained a large following since it was set up in 1971 in Paris. Are you one of the open-minded listeners who want a station playing everything from Metal to Mexican mariachi? Then, you should know that it is probably the ideal station for you.


Femi Adeyemi founded this in 2011 in Hackney, London. Since first this one was aired, the online radio station has been redefining live radio. Genres which you can listen to on NTS are Classical, techno, experimental, and disco. When someone finds via the NTS schedule and archives, they will definitely find shows as per their preferences.

Vintage FM:

Whenever it comes to listening to new music, it never always means that it needs to be the latest hits. It is based in Sydney and plays music from the ’70s and before. Originally, it was released on vinyl. Vintage FM allows the audience to get a chance to discover the classic artists who have shaped the music into now what it is. Give Vintage FM a try, if you want to listen to music from Frank Sinatra, The Jackson 5, and Diana Ross.

KCRW Eclectic 24:

This one is a 24-hour internet radio station broadcasts live in Los Angeles from Santa Monica College. KCRW Eclectic 24 play music from the local music scenes, artists with large cult followings, as well as from famous indie bands. Whether you are willing to listen to upcoming artists before they break into mainstream radio, then it is the best option.

Soho Radio:

While it has no playlist & advert, it is the ideal combination of underground & mainstream DJs. It broadcasts from London and Soho. Guest slots have included Denis Bovell and Mike Pickering. As there is no lack of diversity on Soho Radio, you can choose this radio station if you want to have musical tastes expanded into multiple genres.


This one is a London-based online radio station that displays several artists from various musical backgrounds. However, its major focus is dance, hip-hop, and electronic music. A booking agency has been opened recently by the founders of this station. Balamii has started broadcasting in New York to share the community radio vibes with the US audience.


It is an online radio station based in Los Angeles. Dublab’s major target is to endorse popular artists with distinctive sounds and blur micro-genres’ lines. It broadcasts five days a week. So, DJs get the freedom to play music about which they are passionate.


It is mainly popular for its live studio sessions, highlighting songs worldwide. This one is a major outlet to shine a light on up-and-coming groups. It started as a partnership between the University of Washington and Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project. Over the years, KEXP has achieved a huge fanbase. This place is the best platform to listen to music you have never heard before from artists of the alternative music scene.

Power 105.1 / WWPR:

Although it was started for alternative hip-hop lovers, its regular spin targets mainstream & underground R&B. It is a New-York based station consisting of many talk shows.


If you like the greatest movie scores, you will prefer this station set up by its listeners. Cinemax plays the most famous artists & theme songs from movie soundtracks.

The free online radio stations are beneficial for discovering new tracks, artists, and even subcultures. Several online radio stations want to promote new talent and offer aspiring artists a platform so that they can showcase their music. It is what makes free internet radio stations special. Suppose you have a business-like mindset. Hence, you can develop a radio station. In this way, new DJs can showcase their mixing skills to the globe and highlight related topics.

How to Start an Internet Radio Station?

Are you an entrepreneur who have dreams of starting an online radio station but don’t know how to go about it? These are some simple steps that you can follow. Among these steps the very first step is having the right equipment.

So, to start the radio station, you should have a decent computer, an internet connection, and content that will be broadcasted. If you think to broadcast any conversation or talking between music tracks, you just need a good microphone and a digital recording preemie like Audacity.

Step 1) Get The Equipment That Is Required:

 Radio Server

You need to pay for radio hosting, which is necessary to start an online radio station. If you are a listener, you must connect to a radio server via a radio server programme ( for example, Icecast) to tune into online radio stations.

The server programmes put radio streams online for listeners to connect to them. You can generate a radio server if you are unwilling to incur any costs. Although the number of listeners is limited to reach with your self-hosted radio server.

You can generate a radio stream when you download a radio server program & install this to the PC. The internet connection can sometimes restrict the size of your potential audience.

Audio Software

It is necessary to have an audio programme to tweak audio files that have been made. In most cases, artists & musicians use Audacity with their radio shows or podcasts. It is free to use. You can also use the programme to record and edit multi-tracks.

Audio Mixer—

An audio mixer is beneficial in many ways, like it can merge and control multiple audio inputs. When guests will comevon the show, you can use a 4-channel mixer to connect a microphone, an external music source, a mobile phone, and a second mic. Suppose a guest talks too quietly or too loudly. If it happens, you are capable of controlling the volume using most mixers. Generally, using most audio mixers, you can make audio enhancements such as equalization, compression, or filtering.

Headphones And Speakers—

These play an important role in enabling online radio DJs to hear the next song on the playlist. Thus, it is possible to listen to background audio during a conversation. You need to also track how your voice sounds to observe everything when no sound engineer is there.

You must remember that during live recordings, using a microphone may result in a disturbing echo or a feedback loop when audio playback is delayed.

Reliable Computer & Internet Connection

Do you want to buy a new PC before establishing your station? Then, you can go with the radio broadcasting programmes to use. The selection of the pc influences the programmes you use. Usually, most radio broadcasting software is available on Windows to download. Remember that you must have a reliable internet connection. A slow connection can lead to delays, resulting in buffering.

Step 2) Selecting Playout Software:

Usually, one radio station uses three various programmes to run the show. Remember that media players & DJ programmes are great starting points in such cases. Radio DJs have to use radio automation software or take the help of a combination of programmes.

As Full radio automation is unattended, it can give several advantages. Your job only is to select the categories of music. Then, the software will choose songs randomly to play. Sam Broadcaster, PlayoutON, and RadioDJ are instances of this software. Artists manipulate sound using DJ programmes like Serato Pro, Mixxx, and Virtual DJ and add effects to playlists.

It is essential to use an encoder programme to encode the show before broadcasting your station to the server. When you use an encoder programme, it will capture audio from a microphone or playback device. After that, it will be converted into your selected audio format. You will hear only some seconds of delay when you listen to the online stream. The reason is that the server helps to store audio files before you send them out to the listeners’ player. Thus, a server can prevent buffering at the user’s end & make a continuous stream.

Several free encoders are available online, along with paid-for encoder programmes like Radio Caster. A few radio automation programmes have default encoders.

Step 3) Getting Connected online radio:

Hence, you only need to connect the encoder to the server. You will get unique details on the website where you want to make a radio server. It is necessary to input the details into your encoder programme. Now, you are ready to continue with the next step.

Step 4) Start Broadcasting:

Is everything up & running? Then, it is completely fine to go on the air. However, there are several things you should consider when you start out in internet radio broadcasting.

If you plan to play mainstream music, it is necessary to apply for a license. As a result, artists/record labels will receive royalties for copyrighted tracks. Additionally, royalty-free songs are not always free to stream.

The way of spreading the stream is necessary to think about. Establishing a website where a virtual radio player can be embedded after the radio station is on the air is essential. Several radio streaming directories like Streema exist, with the help of which stations can allow searches to uncover new stations. In this way, it is possible to start a free online radio  station.


Artists & entrepreneurs can get several benefits when we listen to free online radio  stations. Moreover, you can find new sounds easily for your music and new artists. Thus, you can realize the workings of online radio. Several web radio stations gives a platofrom to new talents. So, you should give this a try. As a result of it, sometimes, it can allow many stations to play your music or invite you for a live session. It is always a great way to listen to internet radio stations that allows you to look for new songs to add to the playlists.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you listen to the radio offline?

When you use an AM/FM or HD Radio, you are capable of listening to the radio easily without any internet connection. Remember that online radio or web radio needs data connection to transmit the current radio program. In every broadcast area, the choice of programs is limited to radio stations. It indicates that offline radio never provides the same number of choice options of stations as web radio.

  • Is listening to Internet radio free of charge?

The programs of these broadcasters are given free of charge. It is essential to have an Internet connection for the transmission and transfer of data. Whether you have a data flat rate with an internet provider, internet radio never incurs extra costs. Several internet radio stations are available to use which you need to have premium access to the radio station. The stations aren’t integrated into the free service of

  • How can you listen to the radio on your PC?

You can download programs for PC & Mac and install thereafter to listen to web radio. It is simple to listen to the favorite station directly in your browser. Hence, what should have is an internet connection, a browser, a free service like and headphones or speakers linked to the PC.


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