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Ustvnow Alternatives

Ustvnow Alternatives
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Are you willing to watch live tv channels anywhere as well as anytime on your device? If so, you should know that USTVNow, the premium service provider, is the solution. It lets you watch USTV channels on a PC, mobile, tablet, or any other device. USTVNow allows you to watch over 150 channels without any limitations. Besides, it comes with some featured channels like ABC, CW, NASA TV, CBS, PBS, BBC, Discovery, etc.

All channels are available in several categories where each category comes with its channel to watch. Interestingly, this Live Streaming service provider lets you record your preferred game shows to watch later. You can use Ustvnow on your smartphone and come with with plenty of new features & tools.

Its core feature has over nine categories, including superb buffering speed, video scheduling, channel filters, favorite record shows, etc. But it has some alternatives also. Let’s know about the Ustvnow alternatives.

What is USTVNow?

This one is an app that offers several free channels & movies that can be watched anytime and anywhere.

Top 10 USTVNow Alternatives:

These are the top ten alternatives of Ustvnow.

  1. LiveStation:

This is one of the platforms which distributes live TV and radio broadcasts over the data network. You can get the chance to enjoy the best live video from various nations. Live Station has partnered with many famous news channels, which let you watch the best live news legally for free. There are a lot of categories for the channels, and every category comes with its radio stations to stream.

This platform is simple to use. There is no need to register yourself on this platform. You only need to navigate the site, find your favorite channel, and enjoy streaming. Whether you are willing to get the latest updates, it is necessary to subscribe by email address. What is unique about this is you can access the platform on your PC, mobile, or television.

  1. Couch Tuner:

This USTVNow alternative is free to use. With the help of the streaming site, you can watch complete HD TV Shows, Series, News, etc. You can see an excellent dark interface from where you will get a real cinema experience. Like other movie streaming sites, it comes with plenty of TV series & shows which contain many categories. Remember that every category comes with its special shows for watching & streaming.

You can find another new release section containing all the latest titles. This platform delivers an advanced-level recommendation system to make itself comprehensive. The system recommends all titles based on your interest. On this streaming site, you don’t need to register yourself. Just look for your favorite title. After that, it is possible to enjoy all features without limitations.

You can get many features like a search box, TV news, watch full-length series, a trending shows list, and a dark interface on the site. This platform is an excellent choice for those willing to watch tv shows of high quality.

  1. Yahoo TV:

Yahoo Inc. introduced a service that lets you access the top five channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. Besides, this TV incorporates a “Beyond the Episode” area providing picture-in-picture. It allows you to continue watching and surfing other sites. Overall, we can say that Yahoo TV has several TV shows, anime, films, Korean shows, British and Latino Substance, accessible cuts, and other off-camera interviews.

If you are looking for some entertainment during your working hours, it is an ideal platform which can lighten up your burden with a few informational content or entertaining movie clips. Are you a celebrity fan? Are you finding the complete content of his life? Then, remember that it is the perfect platform for you.

  1. Tubi TV:

This streaming service can offer more than 12,000 titles like Movies & TV Shows. Tubi TV is a complete legal streaming service that does not require any subscription or credit cards. You only need to enjoy streaming without any type of limitation.

It is called the largest free streaming service nationwide. The service is accessible anytime and highly rated on IMDb. Besides, it lets you enjoy top-quality stuff. Several categories are free to select. The central section includes New Releases, Latest Movies, and Anime TV Series.

You can use the cross-platform on all big platforms like iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Smart TVs, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, & Web. Users can access its innovative features on the intuitive interface for free. It lets you watch online entertainment for free and enjoy the latest release content, notifications, recommendations, etc.


Using HBO GO, as an HBO subscriber, you will be able to stream HBO content videos freely. For instance, it can include current and past series, sports events, films, and specials via the HBO website or app.

It is possible to watch the big premiers as they air. In addition, you can enjoy all episodes of different HBO series, including Game of Thrones, My Brilliant Friend, etc. This USTVNow alternatives is mainly designed for streaming lovers who are willing to enjoy content anytime and anywhere around the United States and certain US territories.

There are plenty of unique series along with other content that consists of several categories. Every category comes with its episode & stream content. While you can watch new movies every week, you will also get the chance to watch news and talk shows through-provoking documentaries & unique events.

This site delivers an advanced-level recommendation system. It can save a lot of time to find & watch Pro content. HBO GO also has several core features, including a simple interface, featured content, details settings, a watchlist, video on demand, availability to use on multiple platforms, etc.

  1. Yidio:

With the help of this video aggregator, you can gather content from many video streaming providers who subscribe to this. Thus, it lets you see the content from a single interface. Yidio includes streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Showtime. You can track and find any television show in this Ustvnow alternative.

Users can use this ustvnow alternative on mobile and web platforms. It is designed for those who are willing to enjoy their favorite movies & shows on time. This one is called a primer personalized TV. Additionally, it is known as a movie guide letting you find and watch TV shows online quickly.

Using this app, you will be able to save you money and time with the help of only one app for managing your TV & movie life. It has a universal search box enabling you to watch TV Shows & movies across more than 70 sources. Its core features are as follows: a simple interface, a massive collection of movies, TV shows, notifications, free sign-up, etc.

  1. TVMuse:

You can find five areas in this video streaming platform: TV Show Guides, Movie Listings, Site Guide, Social Networking Components, and Search Engines. While every service comes with its features and objectives, the television show guide has all famous TV episodes & sessions along with a brief description of each one.

This one is more powerful than other famous movie streaming sites like 123movies. It can provide over 30000 free HD movies, which you can download and watch later. In addition, this site comes with regular updates of new movies to offer a more enjoyable experience.

Movie lovers can create their accounts and connect with their friends across the globe, as well as their favorite movies using the social networking comportment feature. Moreover, the feature enables you to make a watch list without limitation.

Its search engine uses a customized version of the Google Search Engine and property algorithms. You can download and watch movies using the search engine. Above all, we can say that the service is perfect for movie streaming lovers.

  1. Cucirca:

With the help of this Online TV Shows provider, you can stream different tv shows such as Classic, Latest ones, etc. It is possible to get the favorite television shows, including The Flash, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, etc. You can find categories where the list contains the names of the shows. There exists a strong search bar that can be used to find your favorite show.

This service is free to use, so you do not have to log in yourself. Whether you are willing to update the latest trends, ensure that you subscribe with an email address.

It includes a recommendation system that can offer users shows per their interest. Above all, we can say that it is a very good tv show Streaming site.

  1. YuppTV

This largest TV platform offers live TV, catch-up TV as well as unlimited movies. Along with offering broadcasters and content providers to reach their targeted audience, this platform allow the consumers to watch their desired content globally.

Using this platform, you will be able to watch more than 200 live TV channels that consists of several categories. Whereas each category comes with its options and channels. This platform allows the users to enjoy their favorite movies, programs as well as TV channels across multiple generes.

This platform is perfect for sport lovers and allows the users to stream live channels without any limitation. The core feature of this platform is – watch unlimited movies, explore multiple categories of movies, channels and TV shows, along with supporting several languages, search box, and so on.

  1. WatchSeries:

This one is a movie streaming website letting you stream movie series for free at any place. While the site lets you watch movies, it also lets you download them.

WatchSeries can work like other famous movie streaming sites. It can provide core features & services which let you enjoy a realistic experience. A lot of TV shows are available to watch and download anytime.

The bottom line:

In this article, we have covered the top ten USTVNow alternatives which you can use to watch movies, tv shows, etc. Some of these alternatives let you watch the latest video content and high-quality movies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Where can you watch live TV for free?

You can watch live TV on Pluto TV, Tubi, Sling Free, Roku Channel, and Crackle.

  • Is USTV now free?

It can provide several free channels & movies which you can watch anytime.

  • Is USTVGO only available in the USA?

Channels like HBO need paid cable TV or streaming service subscriptions. It lets you stream more than 80 TV channels for free. But now, it is geo-restricted only to the United States.


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