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How to Cancel Spotify Premium

How to Cancel Spotify Premium
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More than four hundred million people prefer listening to songs & podcasts via Spotify at least once per month. This company comes with over 180 million premium subscribers.  All users listened to more than a hundred billion hours of music in 2021. As a result, this platform has become the largest music streaming service worldwide. It has a 31% share of the market. Like other subscription-based services, it makes unsubscribing a bit harder. You won’t find any way to do so from the app. Hence, you should do it either from a mobile or desktop. This article lets you know how to cancel Spotify premium on android, a desktop, iPhone, third-party service, etc.

What is Spotify?

This one is a famous streaming platform dominating the global market. But there are several controversies like Justice. Therefore, users started to cancel their Premium subscriptions.

Let’s see the simple version to learn how to cancel Spotify premium on the android app.

how to Cancel Spotify Premium Quickly:

  • Open Spotify
  • Go to  your Profile button
  • Click Account
  • Find the  Available plans
  • Scroll down
  • Click Cancel Premium
  • Tap Continue to cancel
  • Click Yes, cancel

Step 1) Open Spotify:

First, you should head toward the web browser and open it. Then, your task is to sign in to the Account you wish to change.

Step 2) Hit your Profile button:

Next, hit the Profile button in the display’s upper right hand.

Step 3) Tap on Account:

As soon as you see the drop-down menu from the Profile button, you should tap on the option saying Account.

Step 4) Tap Available plans:

Once you tap on Account, it will take you to a new page. You can see a menu on the display’s left-hand side. Then, your job is to tap the second option down, saying Available plans.

Step 5) Scroll down:

Once you tap on Available plans, you can see a new page appearing. Then, you should scroll down to the page’s bottom.

Step 6) Tap Cancel Premium:

When you go to the page’s bottom, you should hit the Cancel Premium button.

Step 7) Tap Continue to cancel:

Now, another page appears in front of you. For a while, you can’t access Premium features. After that, you should scroll down to the page’s bottom and tap on Continue to cancel.

Step 8) Tap on Yes, cancel:

The platform offers another chance to you if you wish to keep your Account. If you want to do so, hit the button saying Yes, cancel.

How to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription on the web:

  • You should open Spotify on the web browser.
  • Now, you should sign into the Account.
  • Tap on your profile name’s small arrow right side.
  • Hit the Your Plan option in the drop-down menu.
  • Hit the Change Plan option.
  • After that, you should hit the Cancel Premium subscription.
  • Your job is to hit the ‘Yes, Cancel’ option to confirm your choice.

How to Cancel a Spotify Premium Subscription on iPhone:

You should follow these steps to learn how to cancel Spotify premium on your iPhone.

  • Head toward the Settings app on the iPhone and open it.
  • You should click on your name.
  • Hit the Subscriptions option.
  • Next, your task is to scroll down to the Spotify option. After that, you should click on it.
  • Then, hit the Cancel subscription option.
  • Finally, you should confirm the choice you have made.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium via Third-Party Services:

Some mobile carriers, including AT&T and Verizon, can provide free Spotify Premium access for their users. But the drawback is that these provide only for a limited time. Thus, it is possible to try all features on the platform.

Whether you have subscribed to this through a third-party service, ensure that you unsubscribe from that service. If you want to follow the correct way to unsubscribe, remember to follow the third-party service. However, generally, it is essential to follow the steps:

  • Your first task is to sign in to the carrier’s website or the third-party app from where you signed up.
  • Then, you need to find an add-on or streaming services menu. But, again, remember that it can be different for every app.
  • Now, you should search for the Spotify entry. Then, you should try to cancel the subscription.
  • Ensure that you consult with your carrier’s customer service when you face any issues.

Whether you have yet to see an option for changing the plan indicates that you are getting your subscription as part of a package from another company. For example, it can be Apple or an internet provider. Whether this is the solution, you should try to take help from a third-party service.

Alternatives to Spotify Premium:

It is the largest and most reputed music streaming service. But still, there are several alternatives. Apple Music supports all devices and is available at £9.99 a month. If you are a beginner, you can get a free three-month trial. However, you don’t see any ad-supported free tier.

Amazon Music Unlimited costs between £7.99 and £9.99 a month. In addition, you can get a cheaper student plan. While seventy-five million songs are accessible on tap, you can access two million songs for free. The company provides a single-device subscription also.

The Bottom Line:

If you use iPhone, try to fill out a form and send this through email or physical mail. Then, whether you are a part of the family plan or not, the manager of the plan, you can leave it. However, you can not cancel it. However, if you are the plan owner, you can do so. In this way you can cancel Spotify premium on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can you still keep your Spotify account after canceling Premium?

Once you do so, you will be moved over to the free plan automatically. However, you can use your account and access music on your free plan.

  • Does Spotify allow you to pause a subscription?

It doesn’t allow you to pause it on your Account.

  • Can you change your mind and upgrade to Premium?

You can do so if you wish to sign up for that Account.

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