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How to Set Up Google Home Mini?

How to Set Up Google Home Mini?
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Smart speakers, like Google Home Mini, act as personal assistants from the countertop. It is possible to command the speakers using your voice. Thus, you can play music, make calls, search the web, set reminders, etc. So, how to set up google home mini in a new home?

The speakers are simple to use and set up. You only need the Google Home app on the iPhone or Android. Of course, this speaker is not so good at music. But it is perfect to dot around your Home. Thus, you can get the benefits of smart control, timers, answering basic questions, etc. So, let’s dive into the article to learn how to set up Google Home Mini with a phone.

In this regard, you should know that using the Google Home app on mobile is possible. Besides, the app supports both iPhone and Android. In addition, you can use the app to set up all devices. Finally, the app allows you to personalize the speaker.

What is Google Home Mini?

It is a little speaker to stream your favorite audio content. In addition, you can create a home audio system.

How Does the Google Home Mini Work?

With the help of this smart speaker, you can perform all tasks like Google Home. For instance, you can control your Smart Home, give weather reports, answer questions, etc. This device is made around the Google Assistant virtual assistant. Therefore, you can operate it through voice commands easily. First, you must use a wake word, “Okay, Google.” After that, it can record everything it can hear after the wake word. Next, it passes the information to the cloud, where the strong servers of Google are working.

Once the heavy lifting is completed in the cloud, you won’t see any lag between asking it to do something and receiving a response. As you use natural language to interact with the device, you will find it like talking to someone. In this case, you can use natural languages to receive responses also.

You should know that there are a few privacy concerns with this device. Besides, it is possible to access all recordings via your Google account. In addition, you can turn off the recording. However, it helps to prevent a few Google Home features from working.

How to set up Google Home Mini?

Reset your device:

Have you purchased a new speaker? If yes, then you do not need to do so. Turning your speaker on only can help you in this case. Whether you have bought a second-hand model from someone, remember to reset the device to the factory settings.

If you are using the Google Home Mini, you should first connect it and let it start up. Now, you should turn it over. After that, a small button appears. You have to hit this and hold it for 10 seconds continuously until you hear a sound confirming that the speaker is resetting.

Regarding the Nest mini, you need to power off the mic with the help of the switch on the side. After that, tap on the speaker’s center and hold it where the lights exist. You should wait for ten seconds until a sound confirms that the reset process is running. After that, the speaker needs around a minute to reset and reboot.

Use the App to Find the Speaker:

How to set up google home mini if you have Google Home? Once the speaker powers up, it will ask you that it is ready now to set up. After that, you need to download the app. Then, whether you have not got this, you should reset the speaker like in Step 1.

Once you turn on the speaker and prepare it to use, you need to open the app on the mobile. Next, tap on the ‘+’ icon at the top. After that, you should click on Set up a device, New devices, and then choose the Home where you wish your device to be placed. Now, tap on Next to confirm. Then, the company will find any new devices adjacent to your mobile. Next, it will find the speaker. After that, click on Next.

Add speaker to a Room:

The app can link to the speaker, allowing it to play a sound. First, you should click on Yes in the app to confirm that you hear the sound. After that, follow the wizard to confirm if you are willing to send any analytics information to the company. You should say no usually. After that, select a room to go in and tap on Next. Whether you have yet to find any room option which you want, scroll down the list. Then, add a new one.

Connect to Wi-Fi:

How to set up google home mini to Wi-Fi? Now, you are asked to link the speaker to the Wi-Fi network. As soon as you choose the network from the list, you should hit Next. After that, put the password and click on Connect. A ‘Connecting to Wi-Fi message’ appears for a few seconds before the speaker creates its connection.

Set up Google Assistant:

When your speaker is linked to the home network, it will prompt you to set up Google Assistant. Then, you need to click on Next on the first display. Now, you have to set up Voice Match. It is a feature used by Google Assistant to identify you over others in the Home. Every speaker can offer personalized responses like events from your calendar when it is enabled. After that, you should click on Next, and I Agree. Finally, you must follow the wizard through to complete the installation process.

Set up Optional Services:

The company asks you if you are willing to set up music and radio services, film & TV shows & friends and family calling (Duo). It is possible to configure any option if your wish. Hence, you can ask to set Spotify as the default music service. Instead, if necessary, skip the options and set them up later. It will be ready to be used after finished. Then, you may begin controlling your smart devices and ask general questions.


You can create your Smart Home using it. This speaker is precisely the one you want. Its price point and compatibility make it excellent. There are multiple things you can try with the device. You can now enjoy using the set-up smart speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you reset your Google home mini?

You should hit the factory reset button on its bottom under the power cord and hold it for a while. Now, find a circle etched into the base. Once five seconds are over, your mobile will start applying the factory reset method. Hold it for ten more seconds. Perform this step until a sound ensures that the device is resetting.

What to do if you can’t connect to your Google home mini?

These are a few troubleshooting ways you can try.

  • Restart the display or speaker. You can unplug the power cable from your speaker or display.
  • You can force close and reopen the app.
  • Link to the hotspot of your device from the mobile’s Wi-Fi settings. Head toward the Wi-Fi settings on the phone.

How do I connect your Google home mini to your iPhone?

  • You should use the app first.
  • Then, open the app on the iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on Home at the display bottom.
  • Tap on the device and hold it.
  • Click on Device settings Audio at the top right.
  • Try to connect Bluetooth devices.
  • Finally, you should check if you have connected the devices.

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