Google Handwriting Input App in 82 Languages on Your Mobile

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Google Handwriting Input App

Google has now developed an updated Android app which enables users to write on their smartphones or tablet touchscreens. The Google Handwriting Inputs App as the app called interprets letters automatically, converting it into standard digital text which tends to work on ones’ finger or a stylus, according to reports.

Google reports that the app can interpret around 82 languages and has the capability of recognizing both the print and cursive handwriting as well as accepts emojis. Users would be able to draw emojis on pressing their enter button in order to switch modes and it would work with or without an internet connection.

Google in it’s blog post reports that this is Google’s first attempt at a handwriting suite and it can input text in any app or browser. Google Handwriting Input app can work on Android 4.0.3 and above. According to  report it is presently available as a free download in Google Play.

The report further indicates that Google Handwriting app supports the on-device processing and the cloud based character recognition.IT Wire reports that Google’s cloud based handwriting recognition also tends to support the Translate Apps on iOS as well as Android operating system, Mobile Search and Google Input Tools.

Handwriting Input Supports Languages

Google states that it complements touchscreen typing as well as voice input. With Google Handwriting Input app, users could feed in their password in order to unlock their device. The app provides more convenience if the password has a combination of numbers and letters according to a report in Learning Penguin.

As per Google – `Google Handwriting Input App supports languages which could be challenging to type on a virtual keyboard. Keyboard for ideographic languages like Chinese are frequently based on certain dialect of the language though if a user does not know the dialect it could be hard to use.

Moreover, keyboards for complex script languages such as several South Asian languages could be less standardized and tend to be unfamiliar. With regards to languages where virtual keyboards are used widely like in the case of English or Spanish, some user may find that handwriting could be more spontaneous, faster and much more comfortable.

Special Handwriting Input for Several Languages

Those users who tend to feel uncomfortable with touch keyboard could opt for this handwriting app for input method to carry on their digital conversations. Another advantage of its usage could be during meeting or movies when there could be plenty of noise around and using voice message would be difficult.

Users could use the handwriting mode to text in their messages. Recognizing regional languages could also be an added advantage of this app. It is left to be seen how useful the app would be in our daily use.

At this point modern swipe keyboards, text input have become quite fast and accurate on Android. Google has pointed out that there are various languages which could be challenging to type with standard keyboards.

Google has provided special handwriting input for several of the languages but as Google Research team summarises, this new app has the combination of efforts which enables both cloud based as well as on-device character recognition.


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