Google Photos: New Image Storage App from Google

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Google Launch – New Photo tool – Google Photos

Google has launched a new photo tool namely Google Photos, by utilising Google’s search power to stop individuals from getting lost in their huge photo galleries. The tool, Google Photos App stores and backs up images in the cloud, with no limit and indexes them.

It has released a refurbished Google Photos providing unlimited storage of images as well as video, free of cost. Photos are made available on iOS, Android and the web and include various other helpful features which could make the user want to pick them up. It is claimed by the company that the app can understand what is important, which indicates that people could look through the photos which contain the `people, place and thing that may matter the most’.

Google made the announcement of the new service together with an offer of unlimited photo storage and the service can keep photos at their full resolution with the intention that people could keep their entire photo collection with Google. The service is said that it can recognize people in photos, for instance and collect images which could contain their loved ones in a special collection. Moreover it could also do the same in the case of location and group the images together which were taken at a certain place.

Stores Photos – Images/Videos

`Machine learning’ computer is used in Google Photos, that tends to think more like humans and are capable of thinking about pictures in the same way. It can recognise faces, grouping selfies along with easy sharing or deleting.

Similar to Apple’ Photo app and Flickr, Google Photos intends to stores all photos of the user, which include those taken long ago prior to the service being launched. Besides this, the app also has special sharing and editing features wherein users has the privilege of editing together video, adding music and remove clips, or share photos on special website.

Sharing features tend to work together with storage and all images from a specific location could be shared with contacts in a couple of clicks. The new app was announced by the company at Google I/O, its developer conference.

Auto Uploader

Google Photos made available for free on Google Play and Apple app store, the search giant is competing with Facebook, the No. 1 photo sharing site together with an app which is aimed at collecting every image shot into one place.

David Lieb, the Google product lead overseeing the Photos project comments that `sharing photos is really hard and here we are, its 2015, we have self-driving cars and flying drones, yet we can’t really send 25 photos that are taken together. We want to change that’.

This Google Photos app has been adjusted from the photos app in the Google + social network combined with popular features and auto upload. Given a thumbs up to Google it would grab every image taken on the smartphone, which will be visible on smartphone, computer and the tablet. With the additional download of `Auto Uploader’ for the computer, Google also has the capabilities of picking up every shot imported to the computer. Lieb states that the app would be a home for a lifetime of photos, auto organized and searchable’.


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