Google Wi-Fi Offers Modular, Customizable Home Networking

Google Wi-Fi
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Google Wi-Fi – Amazing Soothing Connectedness

A new piece of hardware which tends to make it easier to bathe your entire home in amazing soothing connectedness has been revealed by Google in the form of Wifi, recently. Google Wi-Fi is said to be a new router which is a small device that can be paired up with the others in the creation of more tough, more far-reaching home network which will make sure of more trustworthy performance over the board.

The latest Wifi router tends to perform as a low-cost choice to the prevailing OnHub contributions from ASUS and TP-Link that have a tendency to cost $200 on a regular basis. It is not clear whether Google Wi-Fi is intended to replace the OnHub router which the company had launched a year earlier or is just created to appeal to a different market.


But Google Wi-Fi seems to be a different product. The OnHub was meant to be the only router for the home and users could be capable of deploying one or more Google Wi-Fi devices to cover the home and eradicate dead spots. The company will be marketing Google Wi-Fi as a modular and expandable system.

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Google Wi-Fi Cheapest Choice with Full Range of Modern Technology

During the launch, Google had marketed the OnHub as a future central control point for the smart home and had packed it with various radios, Bluetooth IE, ZigBee besides dual-band Wi-Fi together with integrated support for Google’s own Weave which is the protocol which Nest devices tend to utilise in chatting with each other.


Google has not made it clear whether these features are included in Google Wi-Fi or it will continue providing the OnHub. The new Google Wi-Fi hardware, at $129 seems to be priced equally to the hand-outs such as Airport Express of Apple. Moreover, when three have been bought, they seem to be more economical than a pack of the similar Eero routers.

One unit priced at $129 or a three pack for $299 can be purchased when the company begins taking pre-orders in November and the delivery has been scheduled for December. It is said to be one of the cheapest choice with the full range of modern technology support of wireless networking, inclusive of AC1200 speed together with Bluetooth connectivity for modest set up as well as making the web tech work.

Network Assist – Enhance Router Enactment

Network Assist tends to enhance the router enactment behind the scenes though a companion app is said to provide direct control over the conditions of the network.Once the user begins adding additional units, Wifi also tends to get a cost benefit where Google has offered a pack pricing of $299 for a pack of three.

This means that if one desires to outfit a bigger house they would still be paying less than what they would for a top of the line single router from another company. At the presentation, the company had stressed on how Google Wi-Fi could be easily set up and used due to a mobile app.

With various access points installed the system tends to automatically instruct clients in connecting to the access point with the provision of the strongest signal. It is also said the users would be capable of overruling these resolutions, possibly an acknowledgement which critics despised OnHub’s desire of making decisions for the user.



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