Intel’s new 8th-gen Core vPro mobile processors

vPro mobile processors
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vPro product line is one of the most significant aspects of Intel’s product portfolio but they rarely got mentioned. vPro comprises of chipset portfolio and a specific combined processor, which provides Intel’s commercial customers with the ability of commercial stability, extra hardware security along with extra administration options. Recently, Intel is going to announce its latest core vPro mobile processors, which will be considered as a part of the line-up of company’s 8th generation Intel core. The two new core vPro mobile processors that Intel is going to launch are single Core i7 offering and Core i5 offering.

Both of the CPUs of core vPro mobile processors are quad core and of then consist of hyperthreading along with a 15 W TDP. The only difference between them is that they differ in frequency as well as cache size. Depending on the power/performance requirement both the CPUs of core vPro mobile processors, support DDR4-2400 or LPDDR3-2133. The mobile processors almost look like their constituent Whiskey Lake non-vPro equivalents. The added benefit that you will enjoy with these mobile processors are that it includes additional BIOS protection, remote corporate management control, removing it as an attack vector, Wi Fi-6 support for the vendors who use the controller of the new Intel AX200.

Due to all these added benefits provided by core vPro mobile processors, they compatible with the mid-range to high-end devices, enhancing the potentiality of the battery life, user experience as well as portability of the devices.

core vPro mobile processors: Beneficial aspects

Now, let us get some insights about the features that core vPro mobile processors have to offer. To make you understand it properly hereby we are presenting you with the list of the features.

It provides you with the fast connectivity with integrated gigabit Wi-Fi along with Intel wireless AC, so that you can stream, download and share faster. You will also get the pairing option with Intel LTE modem.The performance of these mobile processors is also quite noteworthy as it will provide you with uninterrupted charge for 16 hours on a single charge.

Core vPro mobile processors will help the consumers to simplify their lives by creating playlists, control lighting, playing music and shopping with the sound of their voice. Download content within a fraction of time and watch all those contents in 4K UHD from almost all the providers.Devices with core vPro mobile processors are also compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR, as well as Dolby Atmos immersive audios. Also, with core vPro mobile processors, several games will support your device. If you want to get the full list of the games, just visit

These are all the things that you need to know about core vPro mobile processors. It is very well-known fact that Intel is always coming up with several innovations and these mobile processors are one of them. So, before opting for core vPro mobile processors go through the above written points and take your decision.

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