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KVM Switch HDMI — Best Buying Guide

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If you want to switch two devices like a home desktop and a work-issued laptop, you may need to take the help of two keyboards and two different displays. It is when KVM switch HDMI come into use. While you use these, your job is to plug them into both the PCs all the time. As a result, there doesn’t need to mess with wires. Users merely have to tap a key for swapping the external devices from the first PC to the second PC.

Usually, the basic models come with two to four USB ports. These ports allow you to share a keyboard and mouse, a printer, a USB thumb drive, a webcam, and headset, etc. Wanna share an external hard drive between 2 PCs to backup data? Don’t worry, as you can get help from a USB KVM switch. However, it is essential to plug the drive or switch into a power source. If you are using an expensive tool, then you can connect two PCs to 1 display. In other ways, you can combine both a computer and a gaming console to a display.

These devices are available in a range from single to full-featured models. Therefore, whether you use it daily to swap between two machines, you get to know how these help in your life.

What is KVM Switch?

KVM is the full form of “Keyboard, Video, and Mouse.” Using the tool, you can access many PCs or servers through one set of Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor. You can choose a PC by tapping the push key directly. Besides, you can do this using hotkey commands and the OSD window. The tool is a pure hardware solution plug-and-play system having a compact size. It doesn’t require installing any driver or software. This one helps you to decrease redundant wires. With the help of this switch, you can save time, space, equipment, and money.

Are the KVM Switches Obsolete?

The primary function of these tools is to switch the keyboard, video, and mouse between many PCs. However, nowadays, people use these in data centers, manufacturing lines, and control rooms.

What Does a KVM Switch or KVMP Switch Do, and Why Do People Use It?

With the help of this switch, many videos and peripheral signals are processed, and then it sends a single output to merely one display, keyboard, and mouse. You can do this reversely. It enables operators to access several computing data sources or AV signals. This technology is OS agnostic, and people can use this in all apps. For example, people use these in offices, medical imaging, broadcast, post-production, command, and control rooms.

Many businesses have server rooms where they store a lot of servers. Even the number of servers may rise to thousands in data centers. IT staff can control all servers having a connection with this type of switch. It helps you to save plenty of time. As a result, you can finish the entire work with ease.

Where are KVM Switches Used?

Usually, people use these in—

  • Home offices
  • Small offices
  • Network closets
  • Server rooms
  • Data centers.

These are easy to use as well as economical. It is so flexible that it can fulfill the requirements of your home office, small/mid-size, or enterprise. You can install and configure it with ease. People who have updated their home PC systems use these generally. It is famous among the people who still use their old PCs. If you don’t want to purchase a second keyboard, monitor, and mouse, use the tool.

It helps to save money while a user uses more than a PC. People use this tool in server rooms where it accesses every server periodically, one at a time. You can see their usage in data centers. Here, in one rack, many servers are placed with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse. The switch enables it to connect to any server in the rack.

What Are KVM Switch HDMI?

The High Definition Multimedia Interface KVMs are helpful where people require hi-def video. For example, you may need them in pre/post-production, broadcast and studio environments, CAD, medical imaging applications, digital signage, and home theater setups.

The function of these switches is to switch between two or more PCs with the help of a keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup/console. These are compatible with 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p video modes. You can use them for flat panel displays, data projectors, plasma screens, and HDTVs. Besides, a few of them can be compatible with digital audio via the HDMI interface. But it is merely when the tool is supported by both PC and display.

It comes with features such as USB peripheral and audio sharing capabilities. A significant feature that you must consider is that it is compatible with HDCP encryption. It is vital while you use these in a home theater setup with an HDTV. You should consider another feature, i.e., it supports EDID – Extended Digital Identification Data pass-through.

People now use high-definition, digital-video-ready KVMs rather than using KVM technology. However, the limit of its usage is limited. As the demand for high-definition video increases, you will get more choices.

 How Can You Use an HDMI KVM Switch?

First, your job is to attach your power adapter to the KVM switch.

Then, your task is to connect your monitor and the console HDMI port on the KVM switch through a wire. In case you haven’t powered it on, you should switch on the monitor. You need to attach both keyboard and mouse to the console PS/2 or USB ports. 

Best Five KVM Switches HDMI:


  1. KVM Switch HDMI 2 Port Box, ABLEWE USB, and HDMI Switch:

ABLEWE Description: The model helps to attach two PCs to a Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor. It comes in a compact design, due to which you can share the mouse keyboard display with two PCs. The tool is perfect to use for a family, office, or another workplace.

It allows you to share a USB keyboard, USB mouse, and HDMI monitor. Besides, using this, you can save space on your desk. The tool is a plug-and-play system that doesn’t require installing any extra drivers. You don’t have to use any power adapter in this case.


 USB Box:

With the help of this tool, you can control two PCs with merely one Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, and Printer. It enables you to switch from one monitor to another with ease. Thus, the product helps to make your life more straightforward than before. There is a LED light color of Green or Blue that indicates the PC is active.

4K@60Hz Resolution:

The model is compatible with resolution 4K@60Hz. It makes the picture quality more exquisite and realistic. In this case, the color is brighter. The tool supports 4K@30HZ, 3D, and 1080P resolution or lower than that. You only have to ensure that both the PCs are compatible with HDMI 2.0. Before using, you have to set resolution up to the range like 4K@60Hz or both at 4K@30Hz.

Multiple Devices Supported:

The model of this ABLEWE brand is compatible with multiple input devices or signal sources. For example, these include PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3, Xbox One, TV Box, PC, Laptop, Nintendo Switch, etc. You can use this for Enterprise, Office, Multimedia Teaching, Meeting Room Gaming Room, Home Theater, Research Test, etc.

One Key Switch:

The product allows you to use it for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. Hence, you are required to plug the wire and play the model then. It doesn’t need any power from the outside. Just tap on a key to switch from one display to another.

Full Guarantee:

You will get a twelve months warranty from the brand. Besides, it offers users lifetime technical support. In a package, it comes with a switcher, 2*1M*USB 2.0 wire, 2*1M*HDMI cable, and a user Manual.


  • 100% guarantee
  • Supports MAC OS, Linux, different versions of windows, etc.
  • Compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3, Xbox One, TV Box.
  • LED light


  • Can damage computers.
  1. KVM Switch 4 Ports, HDMI USB Selector:

KVM Switch 4 Ports, HDMI USB SelectorDescription: Just attach the wire to the ports of the PC you are using, and then you can enjoy the model. Hence, you should plug the HOST Port first into the PC. This port is a combination of VGA & USB connectors. To use the tool, you need to attach the VGA connector only to the KVM Switch. You should know that you are unable to attach both the HOST Port and KVM ports.

The interface protocol is USB 2.0. There are two modes of switching that follow: Panel Button, External Controller. 3840 * 2160 @ 30hz is the resolution power supported by your device. You can use the tool with Windows / Mac OS / Linux / UNIX / DOS systems. It is available in a package that includes one switch, four wires, one wired switch key, and a user manual.


 Perfect to Share:

This model enables you to share an HD 4K monitor and three USB 2.0 devices. For example, you can share a scanner mouse keyboard between four PCs.

Modes of Switching:

There are two modes of switching, which are panel key and external controller. It enables you to move from one monitor to another monitor. This tool can boost productivity in the office or at home.

Visual Enjoyment:

The package comes in 2 in 1 design that indicates it has 2 KVM Cable— an HDMI cable and a USB cable. In this case, you will find the color of the lights brighter and more moving. As a result, it can create a feast for your eyes.

Simple Installation:

You don’t have to take assistance from any driver. There is a power button that allows you to switch from one PC to another. You don’t need to swap wires or set up complicated software.

Excellent Compatibility:

The product has a high compatibility power and is ideal for DOS, Windows, Netware, Unix, Linux, Vista, Mac OS. You can use this model for a research test, meeting room, a business, office, multimedia classroom, game room, home theater, etc.


  • High compatibility
  • Used in a business, multimedia classroom, etc.
  • Simple to install


  • Unable to work as a switcher for laptop
  1. HDMI KVM Switch, NEWCARE 4K@60Hz 2×1 HDMI 2.0 Ports + 3X USB KVM Ports:

NEWCARE 4K@60Hz 2x1 HDMI 2.0 Ports + 3X USB KVM PortsDescription: The model allows you to use it for construction projects, conference halls, games, command and control rooms, training and teaching, business exchange centers, shopping malls, game studios, video conferencing, schools, etc. You can use the tool to share devices like printers, scanners, mice, keyboards, card readers, flash drives, etc., between two PCs. Whether you use many computers, then you can use the tool also at home.

It comes with a USB 2.0 port that can fulfill different demands. The tool is compatible with the standard USB 2.0 interface. You can connect it to code scanning guns, USB disks, printers, and other conventional USB machines. Push the key for changing the port which you prefer to use. You don’t require any additional power. Using the LED indicator lights, you can know which one is in control.


 4K@60Hz HDMI Box:

With the help of the NEW CARE 4K HDMI Box, you can easily control two PCs using merely one set of controls and monitor. It comes with default high-performance chips. The tool uses high technology for decoding. Just plug the wire and use it. You don’t have to drive it. The product is perfect to use for Enterprise, Office, Multimedia Teaching, Meeting Room, Gaming Room, Home Theater, Research Test, etc.

 HD Resolution:

The product is compatible with a total of 18 Gbps bandwidth. Besides, it can support a maximum 4K@60Hz, HDMI2.0b resolution. The HDCP2.2 YUV:4:4:4 chroma sampling of the product makes the picture quality more exquisite and realistic. It is compatible with resolutions up to 4k 60hz. Besides, the lowest resolution supported by the tool is 4K@30Hz, 1080P, etc.

Simple to Hook Up:

It comes with a button design that allows you to switch freely between two PCs. Just tap a key, and you can get the job done. In this case, you are not required to take the help of an adapter. Only plugging and playing the tool allows you to save space. It is compatible with a wireless keyboard and mouse and a mechanical gaming keyboard. If you have a device powered by HDMI, you can quickly wake up devices while your PC is in sleep mode.

High Compatibility:

The product also uses greater technology for decoding. It is equipped with a transmission technology that supports PC, Laptop, Apple TV, PS3/PS4/PS5, Xbox, Sony Bluray player, projectors, audio/video receivers, etc. The tool primarily supports almost all devices supported by HDMI. In this case, the transmission process is done quickly without lag. You never lose any image and sound quality.


The package contains accessories such as one KVM switch, two USB wires, one user manual, etc. If you have any questions, you can ask.


  • Can support up to 4k 60hz resolution
  • Compatible with a mechanical gaming keyboard
  • It supports the Sony Bluray player, projectors, audio/video receivers, and many more.


  • Unable to detect wireless mouse and keyboard
  1. Steetek KVM Switch HDMI 2 Port:

Steetek Description: A USB powers the product. There is no necessity to use a dedicated powerhead to get the power from any USB adapter. It is available in small sizes, i.e., half of your palm size. The tool comes in a unique design. Besides, it is sturdy enough. The product allows you to control two signal sources at the same time. These sources transmit a similar set of keyboards and mice.

With the help of this tool, you can control an input device any time you prefer via a button switch. The package includes one KVM Switcher Host Machine, two USB Cable, two HDMI 2.0 wires, one Micro USB wire, four Silicone Gaskets, and a user manual.


 4K@60Hz Resolution:

The product enables you to use up to 3840*2160@60Hz (YUV 4:4:4) chroma sampling resolution. It allows you to see beautiful images, different colors, etc. This switch is compatible with resolutions lower than 4K@60Hz, such as 4K@30Hz, 2560*1440@60Hz, 1920*1080P@60Hz, etc.

2 Port HDMI Box:

You can use two PCs here with one set of keyboards and mouse and one monitor. There exist four USB 2.0 devices for single button swapping. What makes it unique is that there is a Micro USB power cord. There doesn’t appear to be any power adapter. You are capable of plugging in any USB adapter or PC for power.

Shared Devices:

It comes with a 4 USB 2.0 interface to share devices such as Printer, Scanner, U disk, webcam, etc., between two PCs. While you will attach USB devices other than the keyboard and mouse, ensure that you have connected the power cord first.

Button Design:

The attractive feature of the tool is that it is compatible with the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. It has a button that enables you to switch between two PCs. You can use a wireless multimedia keyboard and mouse and mechanical gaming keyboard in this case also. However, you should know that you are unable to use the Hotkey switch.


Great compatibility of the tool allows you to offer different complex application environments. The product supports multiple different computer systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc.


  • It supports Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc.
  • Wireless multimedia keyboard and mouse is supported
  • Compatible with Scanner, U disk, and many more.


  • Hotkey switching not supported
  1. AIMOS KVM Switch HDMI 2 Port Box:

AIMOS KVM Switch HDMI 2 Port BoxDescription: If your PC is in hibernation mode, use the product to wake up the PC. It has HDCP 1.4 standards. The full form of HDCP is high-bandwidth digital content protection technology. It features Adaptive EDID/HDCP decryption that enables you to use it in complex application environments.

The great compatibility of the product may auto-match source and display device. It contains a default automatic adjustment system that turns a picture into a smooth and clear one. You don’t have to install the driver. However, you can use a hot plug hence. Accessories that come with the package are one HDMI 2.0 KVM Switch, one HDMI 1.4 wire, two USB wires, and a user manual.


 2 Ports HDMI Switch Box:

Now, it is easy to control two PCs using only a mouse and a keyboard, i.e., one set of controls and a display screen.  Features like a High-precision encryption chip, gold-plated interface, great compatibility make the product awesome. It can offer great performance in controlling PCs, Gaming Consoles, and Security Systems.

Hotkey Switch:

The model allows you to use a wireless keyboard and mouse, a Hotkey switch, etc. It contains a Host button that enables you to move from one source to another. Use a keyboard in this case. First, take the help of two hotkeys that are as follows: “Ctrl + Ctrl + 1 / 2”, “Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock + 1 / 2”. You don’t have to take the help of any external power adapter.

4K Visual Enjoyment:

It can suit full 10.2 Gbps bandwidth compatible with up to 4K@30Hz (YUV 4:4:4) chroma sampling resolution. This excellent quality resolution makes pictures more realistic. You can use the model for 3D and 1080P or lower resolution.


You can take the help of high technology for decoding. Use the transmission technology that enables you to use a PC, Laptop, Apple TV, PS3/PS4, Xbox, Sony Bluray player, Nintendo Switch, projectors, audio/video receivers, etc. You can use almost all HDMI-enabled devices. No lagging is there, and the speed of transmission is very high.

Worry-Free Service:

The bottom part of the product contains non-slip rubber feet. Therefore, you can keep the tool at any place. There doesn’t exist any risk of scratching your property. Don’t worry, as our professional manufacturer checked each kit before delivery. If there is an issue, you will get a replacement.


  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • PC, Laptop, Apple TV, PS3/PS4, Xbox, Sony Bluray player are supported
  • 4K visual enjoyment
  • Offers realistic pictures


  • Unable to switch USB webcam

KVM Switch HDMI Best Buying guide:

Before purchasing the best model, a lot of factors are there that you need to consider. We have given here the top considerations that you should know while selecting your item.

Factors to Consider:

 The Number of Sources:

The number of Ports available in your device is a dependable factor always. It determines the number of source computers, servers, etc. You get to know how many devices you may connect to and access from a Switch.

The Number of Users:

Before buying the best model, you must know the number of users you prefer to access the Switch sources simultaneously. Devices supported for Multiple users are available in the market. These help to handle multiple servers, integrated keyboard, video, mouse switching systems, etc. There are different access points. For example, you can access it locally, use remote access over CatX, or over-IP Web Browser / VNC Access. These enable you to keep various user IDs with access rights for every user-defined.

Port Numbers:

If the ports are more, more number of gadgets and peripherals can be connected.

Port available are  are as follows:

  • 2 & 3 Port
  • 4 Port
  • 8 Port
  • 16 – 24 Port
  • 32 – 64 Port

Security & Authentication:

Generally, all devices with IP addresses enable an administrator to leverage the earlier authentication schema. LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, or TACACS+ are examples of it. That is why it is always essential to choose the NIAP-certified Secure KVM Switch. You can see its use in secure classified government and enterprise applications.

Integration of Remote Power Management Functionality:

When you integrate a Remote Reboot device, you can cycle power to a server. In this case, you can use a user station or an internet browser to source from any place in the world. The power management solutions enable you to control the reboot management from a similar UI. For Enterprise-level solutions, you will get many options for 3-phase or 208 power. Server technology’s line of remote power control and management products is an example of it.

Compatible with Serial Devices:

There are a few top enterprise solutions. These offer support for routers, headless UNIX, and other serial devices. If you use Avocent and Raritan devices, these can offer support via the use of dongles. When it comes to Rose Electronics’ devices, these can offer support for serial devices via coax wires.


The need for bandwidth relies on the graphic intensity of your app. In most cases, the compression technologies take the help of differentials. These transfer merely those changes which are visible on display or to update the user monitor.

Video Type:

These are capable of supporting multiple Digital and Analog video connector types. Therefore, before buying the best one, you should know for which reason you require to purchase. A few of these models are simultaneously compatible with  VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DP video types. On the flip side, other models are compatible with VGA. You can get Video adapters that also help you to convert between different video types.

These are the supported video types:

Single or Multi-Monitor:

You can get them available in different configurations such as Single or Multi-monitor. Now, it is possible to control Single-monitor, Dual-monitor, Triple-monitor, and Quad-monitor sources. If you want, you can switch between these also. These enable you to cascade for 5-monitor, 6-monitor, 7-monitor, or 8-monitor applications. There are KVM-Over-IP and CatX KVM units available in the market. Users are capable of watching plenty of sources within a monitor using a MultiViewer tool. You can make a command center video wall also.


This factor depends on the type of device you are using. A few items are there that offer a maximum of up to 4K UHD at 60hz. These can provide resolutions locally or over IP. However, whether you require high resolution, you should use analog switches. Compared to the digital models, analog ones can deliver higher resolution.

USB Peripheral Device Hub:

If you are using a transparent USB peripheral device with hub ports, you can attach any USB interface device. For example, you can connect flash drives and other storage devices, graphics tablets, jog shuttles, joysticks, 3D explorers, and wireless Bluetooth keyboards & mice to any PC. It comes with a ‘Virtual USB Media’ feature that enables you to plug in USB devices remotely.

High-density CatX Switches:

Whether you are using Cat5/6/7 Switches, these can decrease desktop and server rack cable clutter. As a result, you don’t need to stay near. These are much larger on both the user and system sides.These are the factors that you are required to consider before buying your preferred one.


This article gives details of HDMI KVM switches and the top five products available in the market. I hope you will find this useful.

Frequently Asked Questions about KVM Switch HDMI:

  • Does KVM have input lag?

The maximum lag that can happen is 1-2 ms. If you want to see a difference, use a high refresh rate monitor and a <10 ms network connection. The switches usually work by emulation.

  • Are they worth it?

You can use these for a Multi-System setup. Whether you use more than one system, you must take the help of a software KVM switch. It helps you to increase your productivity. You can save money as well as time using a keyboard and mouse to control multiple systems.

  • Is it good for gaming?

When you plug it into the power, it starts working at high speeds. Then, it won’t depend on power from the PC. As these have both HDMI and USB ports, it works as versatile. You can use them for gaming purposes.

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