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Latitude 7285: Dell’s New laptop that can be charged wireless

Written by Andy Prosper

Latitude 7285 is a good idea, but quite expensive: Dell’s new laptop has a function for inductive charging.

On the desk, the work is stacked, so we ran to the laptop. But for serious business trips, you need the entire battery power and the special charging cable should always there in your travel suitcase. To overcome this annoying scenario, which Dell offers its product – Latitude 7285: The new laptop can be wirelessly charged. What has already existed with smartphones is now also to be made available for notebooks.

The Dell Latitude 7285 belongs to the device class of detachable or convertibles. With this laptop you can separate the keyboard, so you can use the 2-in-1 device like a tablet. A concept that has also been followed by Microsoft with its Surface series.

The Latitude 7285 is considered to be particularly well-suited because it is flat and light: 7.25 millimeters and 1 kilogram are the basic data. The wireless charging is the much greater advantage, however, the device is quite expensive here. Because a Ladematte or a loading dock is necessary, as well as an associated special keyboard. That costs a few hundred euros extra. In Latitude 7285 the technology for Wireless Charging comes from WiTricity, Nissan also wants to use it in its electric cars.

The price of the basic version is currently in an Onlineshop for 1756 euros, the most powerful variant costs approximately 2200 euros – and with a business discount of 35 percent. Thus, the Latitude 7285 is in the same price class as Microsoft’s SurfaceBook.

Additional Specifications: The new Dell laptop comes standard with a 12.3-inch display, eight gigabytes of memory, and a 128-gigabyte SSD hard disk drive that includes Windows 10 Pro. The best variant is an Intel Core i5 processor of the seventh generation (type designation i5-7Y57), in the high-end model, Dell is based on an Intel Core i7-7Y75.

The fact that laptops are available for work, while tablets are only suitable for entertainment content, has been the opinion of many years in the IT industry. Meanwhile, this is different, various hardware manufacturers offer various 2-in-1 devices. Microsoft is involved with its surface devices and has thus generated billions of euros in recent years. Apple is also active in the Convertibles segment, but in its very special way: the company does not offer real laptop-tablet hybrids, instead, there is the iPad Pro. An oversized iPad that the owners can use with a pen – that would have been unthinkable in Steve Jobs’ lifetime.

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