You may soon be Texting Robots as Often as Your Friends

Texting Robots
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New Texting Robots – Information/Services at Various Businesses

Users of Facebook’s Messenger app, Microsoft’s Skype and Canada’s Kik, in the coming months can anticipate finding new automated assistants providing information as well as services at various businesses.  These messaging chatbots are generally software which tends to perform conversation like humans, doing simple tasks once set aside for people.  Google together with the other companies have been apparently working on the same ideas. The texting robots are making way to help run your life or sell things at an online texting service in your vicinity.

In Asia, software butlers have already been part of the scenery.  When Samantha Guo, Washington D.C. attorney had visited China recently, she commented that she was astonished at how extensively her friends utilised bots and similar technology on the texting service WeChat for payment of meals, order movie tickets as well as send gifts to each other. She said that it was mind-blowing and U.S. service tends to lag way behind.

Sending messages online, seems to be repetitive for several individuals which tends to provide immediacy than email or voice calls according to a media and technology consultant, Michael Wolf.  Messaging services tend to be growing quicker than the traditional online social platform like Facebook or Twitter, as per research by Wolf’s firm Activate.

Texting Robots – The New Apps

According to experts, texting robots else messaging bots are capable of handling a wider range of tasks than apps provided by retailers and other consumer businesses.  This is because texting robots tend to recognize various spoken or typed phrases, where apps force users in choosing from options from a drop-down menu list.  Reaching a chatbot is simple as clicking a link on an online ad or scanning a boxy bar code with a smartphone camera. Special-purpose app needs to download and frequently to sign-up a new account. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft had commented last month, that texting robots are the new apps.

Microsoft had just developed new programming tools for business to build bots which could interact with customers on Skype, the Microsoft-owned Internet voice, video and messaging service. Facebook will be unveiling similar tools for its Messenger chat service at the annual software conference of the company and has already partnered with some online retailers and transportation companies.

This is done so that consumers could use Messenger for checking the status of a clothing purchase from an online retailer Zulily, order car service from Uber or to get a boarding pass from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

A Combination of Artificial Intelligence & Human Administrators

Automated chatbots and texting robots, at these services can handle some interactions, with the supervision from human operators.  Likewise, Facebook has been testing a digital assistant known as `M’, somewhat like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana which can answer questions or perform tasks such as ordering flowers in response to commands on Messenger.

It tends to utilise a combination of artificial intelligence as well as input from human administrators. Messaging service, Kik that is popular among U.S teenagers had opened a new `bot shop’ recently wherein the users could talk to bots which answers questions about the weather, portray funny video or help with online shopping. Slack, a messaging service which is used by businesses, has joined with Taco Bell, to introduce a `Taco Bot’, which supports Slack users in ordering ahead for meals at a local outlet.


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