Google and Levi’s Smart Jacket Shows what comes next in Wearable Technology

Smart Jacket
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People who are always busy checking online and in shopping stores that what’s next that can quench their thirst for wearables can now halt for a moment and can check out the Smart Jacket, a new fashion fiesta unveiled by Google and Levis.

Both of these brands have come up with their joint venture and have manufactured a jean jacket that has a very stylish and smart approach and will you’re your appearance with lot of swag. This Smart Jacket is not like the usual jacket and is designed in a way that will give you a complete clothing experience.

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This Smart Jacket has the capability to put up tech in such a way that it will appear on your sleeve, and yes it does it in a very simplistic that you won’t require anything else to cling to your body if you are wearing this jacket. You don’t have to wear any other fabric to cover your body if you are wearing this.

This trendiest version of Smart Jacket was introduced almost before a weekend in Austin at SXSW and this was manufactured for those who use their bike to go to their job location. The Smart Jacket is fed with a technology that rings the power on your sleeves.

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The fibers used to make this highly digitalized Smart Jacket is such that it allows it users to answer calls, trace the exact direction to their destination, you can also see time by just tapping or swiping on to their sleeves and answer to all these questions immediately gets delivered into their ears so that they don’t have to move their eyes from the road.

In this way risk of accidents can be avoided and the bike riders will be more safe on the road what they used be previously. This is a remarkable piece for the ones who are constant at a search for dynamism and uniqueness to buy their wearable.

You must thinking that since there is so much technology involved in it that you must worried that whether you will able to wash them or not, and the answer is yes. The fiber used is such that allows you to wash your Smart Jacket without adding to any undesired consequences.

These fibers are powered by much high technique that adds a cufflink to this jacket and before washing you are just needed to peel it off. The cufflink is said to be running with the help of a battery which can be expanded up to two days.

This Smart Jacket goes almost out of stock especially during the summer season and the technology used is such that cannot be replaced by adding an ordinary jacket into your wardrobe. The customers seem to be very satisfied with this kind of commuter jacket and both Levis and Google is benefitting a lot with this kind of wearables which is providing them both with financial profits along with taking the reputation of the company to an another level which in turn giving them a worldwide recognition which every manufacture thrives for.

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